What’s A Momma To Do Without Her Jewels?

momma's jewels

When Lilleigh was born we were gifted with a precious silver teething ring, which she loved! It felt cool to her gums. It rattled. And it was shiny. If you’re an infant, what’s not to love? Admittedly though, as a mom, I thought, “That is beautiful… perhaps a little too beautiful – and expensive – […]

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We Paid Cash For Our Minivan!


We are big fans of Dave Ramsey and Crown Ministries around here, and we have committed to being debt-free! That said, when we found out we were pregnant with our second baby, we knew it was only a matter of time before we would need to up-size our vehicle, and we knew debt was not […]

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Booking Worming It: Book List!

reading list

This post contains affiliate links. Back in January, I posted goals for the new year, one of which was to read more. I am thrilled to report that so far this year I have kept this goal! I’ve read about half on paper and half on ebook. I really think I have been reading more […]

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7 Kid-Friendly Ways to Keep Jesus in Easter

Easter mountain

This post does contain affiliate links. I’ve been surfing the web and Pinterest, trying to find some fun ideas for my family to keep with the spirit of Jesus this Easter! After all, Easter is the most important holiday for believers, even more than Christmas, in my opinion, so let’s not let Jesus get lost […]

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Menu Planning for the Month of April

menu planning

Doing gluten-free trial and not posting menu plans on here really freed me up to think about other areas of the blog. So I’m going to start posting these menu plans monthly. I’ll include meal ideas I plan to use throughout the month. Any new ones that I use during the month, I’ll link to […]

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A Gluten-Free Update

Photo Mar 26, 5 36 09 PM

A few weeks ago I was pumped to tell y’all about our big plans for gluten-free month, and I even had a month of meals and snacks planned out to show for it. So it’s time to check in. How have the last three weeks been? Personally, I really loved having to branch out and […]

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