Cost Comparison: Organic Milk

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For this comparison, I did not compare one brand. Instead, I compared the price of organic milk in general. Here’s what I found…

96 oz. or 3/4 gallon of Borden’s organic milk at Target $5.39, or 5.6 cents/oz. Often times there are coupons for $1 off Borden. These coupons make the price 4.6 cents/oz.

This same 3/4 gallon of Borden’s organic milk at Walmart $5.08, or 5.3 cents/oz. With the Borden coupon for $1 off, the price is 4.3 cents/ oz.

One gallon (128 oz.) of Horizon Organic milk at Kroger $5.99 with reward card ($6.29 without – but does any one not have one?), or 4.7 cents/oz.

One gallon of 365 Organic milk at Whole Foods $5.49, or 4.3 cents/oz.

One gallon of Organic Valley milk at Whole Foods $5.99, or 4.7 cents/oz. If you use their $1 off coupon, the cost is 3.9 cents/oz.

The winners?

With coupons: Organic Valley milk at Whole Foods with this coupon, at 3.9 cents/ oz.

Without coupons: 365 Organic at Whole Foods, at 4.3 cents/ oz.

Surprised? Sometimes the stores that specialize in organic DO have the lowest organic prices!

How did I find these items’ costs per ounce?

Divide the item’s price (dollar amount – or in this case, cents) by the ounces in the package. This will give you the cents per ounce.

Have an item you want cost compared? Email me at ThankfullyThrifty at gmail dot com.

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  1. The really good news is that all organic milk is NOT the same and Organic Valley is among the best brands you can buy. Horizon and store brands do not adhere to the same standards that others do. You can read more about it here:


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