Being Resourceful, Not Wasteful – Food in Your Fridge.

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Nothing is worse than preparing for a meal only to find that the food you thought you were going to use has gone bad. This happens to me more times than I can count, and just recently I decided that was enough. There are many things that, despite my best intentions, I may realize I can’t finish before the expiration date. It might be milk, yogurt, salad, fruits, veggies, or – you get the idea.

Wasting is no longer an acceptable option for me. I’m actually embarrassed to say that for a time it was. I didn’t waste because I wanted to. I simply felt overwhelmed by the amount of food needed to be eaten before x date, and so I did nothing. I let it sit there. And eventually I tossed it.

Well, not anymore. Being a good steward of money means being resourceful with what I have! So today I took inventory of my fridge. And I here’s what I did with just a few of the items.

Fruit: Strawberries, Apples, Blueberries, Bananas

I made a fruit salad! (Okay I did this a couple days ago. So don’t mind the apple browning!) Simple enough of an idea right? The bananas were ripening faster than I could eat them. A couple of the strawberries had started to mush. (Not to worry, I cut that part off.) And the apples and blueberries just needed to be eaten! And for some reason all of these fruits are tastier blended together!

*Another great solution for bananas is banana bread! If I don’t have enough at the time for banana bread, I’ll freeze them to either use in smoothies or as that extra banana or two when I do make banana bread.

Still more strawberries!

Yes, even still, we had more strawberries. I went strawberry happy at the store. So I cut them up and put them in a freezer safe Ziploc. These will be used in smoothies! If you have frozen fruit for smoothies, then you don’t need ice!


I buy tubs of organic greens from Walmart. Usually we do go through it all, as this makes a few side salads for us. But this time we didn’t. Knowing that the arugula would go bad and that we need to eat our greens, I googled to find a solution for salvaging this arugula. And guess what I came up with – pesto!

I found a recipe that only called for things I actually had on hand. And presto! Pesto!

Pretty, huh? It was also delicious to eat!


I pour any remaining yogurt into ice cube trays and freeze it. It’s perfect for smoothies! It’s also a great dog treat! Yes, you can give yogurt to dogs.

White Wine

Again, I pour the remaining bottle into ice cube trays and freeze it. This is great for those recipes you have that require white wine, especially when you don’t want to open a new bottle!


I admit. I have not done this yet. But sometime when I have remaining milk that I know we can’t get to, I want to make my own yogurt! I’ve seen it done on From Blah to Ta-Daa and want to try it myself!

UPDATE: I have now made this several times, and it’s fabulous! Check out my success here. (Tutorial to come!)

*Tip: I label everything! I use  a permanent marker on the Ziploc. And the tupperware is labeled with a dry-erase marker. I always make sure to include the date too – just in case!

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  1. Kristine says:

    Great ideas, Ashleigh!!! It makes me sick to throw out food, but I end up having to do it sooo often. I am going to try some of your tips.

  2. Such great ideas- I need to make better use of my freezer! I’m adding this to my “Friday Faves” post later this week!

  3. Stir-fries are my favorite way to use up veggies and sometimes chicken, if I don’t want to freeze it. Just about anything can go into a stir-fry, they are healthy, and it’s ready within 10 minutes. Can’t beat it!

  4. Love this! Great tips! I hadn’t thought of freezing the yogurt!

  5. i really want to make a fruit salad now 🙂 and i love freezing cut veggies to bake with later! love that they are already cut up and ready to throw in the oven with a meal!

  6. Martine Brideau says:

    I use old bread to make french toast casserole. You mix up the eggs, milk, brown sugar, touch of vanilla, add the bread and let it soak up. You can prepare this the night before and place the casserole in the fridge. The next day just pop the dish in a cold oven. I sometime add apple, berries, bananas or whatever fruit is starting to look sad.

    Another idea for “sad” looking fruit is to toss it in a pot, add a little sugar to make jam. Even better add it to yogurt and freeze to make yummie popsicles.

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