Easy Homemade Creamcheese!

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I just made cream cheese! From scratch! I used this EASY recipe to make cream cheese! I should point out that the recipe is all of two steps – put yogurt in a cheese cloth (or dish towel!) and hang it over a bowl overnight to let the whey drip out. Unwrap and eat! EASY!

Mr Thankfully Thrifty eating his toast!

Homemade cream cheese spread over toast. Notice how fluffy the cream cheese stil in the container is!

Since we’ve changed our diet to more natural eating, the fact that I made my own cream cheese probably does not surprise you. And the fact that I made it from yogurt that I made in my crockpot also probably does not surprise you. But you can do this with store bought yogurt as well! Call me a nerd, but I find this whole process of the milk solidifying fascinating! Milk turns to yogurt and then to thicker yogurt and greek yogurt and finally to cream cheese! How natural! Funny how God works those things!

Oh and another benefit – whey.


Whey, the liquid that separated from the cream in the yogurt

I checked out what Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats (our favorite raw/natural food cookbook and instruction book, by the way) had to saw about whey. Apparently it’s great for fermenting fruits and vegetables, sprouting grains, and soaking grains and beans to make them easier to digest, just to name a few. There’s a more extensive list over at Faithful Provisions. Something else interesting about whey… According to Nourishing Traditions,

On tablespoon of whey in just a little water will help digestion. It is a remedy that will keep your joints movable and ligaments elastic. When age wants to bend your back, take whey… With stomach ailments, take one tablespoon whey three times daily, this will feed the stomach glands and they will work well again.

Who knew? The many benefits of whey! So before you throw that whey out, think of all of the great benefits of it! And for those of you not into making things from scratch, remember that yogurt naturally has whey in it! Get whey into your diet through yogurt.

By the way, I found this cream cheese recipe a few weeks ago and posted it on my Pinterest board. If this intrigues you, follow my boards on Pinterest!


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