Amber Teething Necklace Review

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My baby has been teething!! She got her first tooth a few weeks ago, just before she turned six months. And this past weekend, her second one busted through! Our pediatrician told us she would most likely teethe early because she started drooling so early. (Plus Momma teethed early!) So for months, there was lots of drool and consequently, lots of outfit changes!

Most moms dread teething. And with good reason. Many babies will cry and fuss for hours, days, weeks… however long until that tooth that breaks the gum’s surface. This can be an exhausting time for parents. And even more so for the babies, who are in pain but can’t voice that pain. What if I told you that there’s a product that might be able to help you? And it’s all-natural and chemical-free.

What’s my secret? Natural baltic sea amber. Amber is known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. To many parents, it’s considered a homeopathic remedy for teething. Our pediatrician has even recommended this! Please note that these beads are not to be chewed on! When the beads are worn against the warmth of the baby’s skin, these properties are said to take effect and calm a teething baby. But this isn’t all just hearsay. I was actually sent two amber teething necklaces to review. Different shades of amber, of course! A girl needs choices!

Multicolored amber teething necklace

Royal/milky baltic amber teething necklace

Our experience

For the past six weeks, my daughter has been wearing this necklace. I know some babies make it through teething remarkably well, to the point that many moms don’t even realize their baby’s teeth were even surfacing. Like these babies, Lilleigh made it through teething painlessly. Was this because of the teething necklace? I can’t say for sure. In general, Lilleigh is a very happy baby. Still, on a couple of occasions, I have removed the necklace (for naps usually) and forgotten to put it back on her. During each of these occasions, the necklace was off for several hours, and each time Lilleigh did become fussier than usual. Since her usual state is happy, any fussiness is abnormal.

This last time was last week, just days (2 or 3) before her second tooth actually broke the surface. If the tooth is going to hurt, it would be then! I had taken off the necklace for her nap and left her necklace in the diaper bag. She went almost 24 hours without the necklace and definitely became increasingly fussy! Finally it occurred to me that I had forgotten about her amber teething necklace. When I put it back on her, within a couple of hours, she was her happy self again. So did the necklace help? I’m tempted to say yes.

My other mom friend who tried this necklace with her 5-month-old daughter said that when her baby was awake and active, this necklace has seemed to help. (She’s been through two older kids too, so I trust her judgment!) There have been times when her baby, Scout, has been too tired and fussy for the necklace to matter. Still, Scout’s momma keeps that necklace around her neck because it does seem to be working much of the time!

Furthermore, my mother-in-law was intrigued by this necklace! She has arthritis in her wrist. Inspired by Lilleigh’s necklace, my mother-in-law actually bought an amber bracelet of her own. Yes, they have adult sizes! She has been wearing the bracelet for a few weeks now, and she emailed me just the other day to say that she thinks the bracelet is helping her wrist pain! Something to think about… amber isn’t just for babies!

More about amber teething necklaces

Amber teething necklaces come in a variety of colors. I was sent a milky white one and multi-colored one. Both are super cute! They are two different looks! The milky one has small circular beads, while the multicolored beads are slightly bigger and more oval. Emma, the store-owner of Amber for Sale, makes each of these necklaces carefully by hand. She puts a knot in between each and every bead so that if the necklace were to break, it would not become a choking hazard. Plus the necklace is easy to remove and to fasten, as one beads screws into another. Additionally, the length of the necklace is long enough to give my baby room but short enough to keep from attracting her attention to it. She doesn’t fidget with it at all. (Thankfully!) To be honest, I wonder sometimes if she knows it’s there.

Something else of mention – People often comment on my baby’s necklace when we are out. They usually laugh and say, “Oh and you already have her in a necklace!” Once I explain the reasoning for the necklace, they get very intrigued and want to know more. It’s a great conversation starter!

Bottom line: If you are a mom of an infant, I would recommend these necklaces! It’s worked for us! You can buy your own through Amber for Sale, an Etsy store!


Have you used an amber teething necklace? If so, what’d you think?


Amber for Sale provided me with this necklace in exchange for this review. Still, this blog post is my honest opinion. Thanks, Emma!

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  1. i swear by these!!! not just for teething but for growing pains as well. my daughter turned two today and we have yet to take it off her for a second since she was four months old. she loves it, i love that it helps her and she is a rather happy baby, which was not the case before the necklace. and the lighter the amber the more “healing” properties it is supposed to have.

    • That’s good to know about growing pains! I got those terribly, so I’m hoping my little one doesn’t…
      Thankfully Thrifty recently posted..9/16-18 Plano Balloon Festival!My Profile

    • I agree with De-Lila on correlation between color of amber and it’s “healing” properties. The first amber necklace i bough from ebay didn’t work for us. It was cute dark color but it didn’t help teething at all. After some reading and talking to moms who had positive experience i’ve found that:
      1. It must be BALTIC amber
      2. It must be RAW amber
      3. It must be LIGHT color
      The second amber teething necklace i bought worked GREAT for us!

  2. ok… i have a baby boy… so what do you think?
    he’s teething and in pain… do we try a necklace?
    we live in Poland… where amber in mined out of the Baltic sea
    and ABUNDANT! Maybe i’d need to retie it so that it doesn’t become
    a choking hazzard…

  3. Great review. Amber teething necklaces are very popular in Baltic countries and have been around for a long time! I am happy to see the becoming more and more popular in US too!

  4. Heather says:

    I am using an amber necklace for my 10.5 month old son. When he got his first 4 teeth, he was extremely fussy. I had to give him tylenol just to help. I bought an amber necklace when I noticed he was starting to have bulging tooth buds again and starting to get fussy again. (He’s normally and extremely happy baby!) He’s cutting 8 teeth at once right now and he seems to be much less fussy and I haven’t had to give him tylenol yet. So I would have to agree that they do indeed seem to work! I’m considering buying another one because I think this one may be a little big for him. It actually fits snugly on my 8 year old boy. Who, by the way, also wants one because he says he thinks it might help his terrible migraines.

  5. VivianCarol says:

    I nanny for a teething 5 month old and I also have a wisdom tooth coming in, so I felt the poor littles pain. . Her mother bought her an amber necklace and told me it was to help relieve the pain of teething. The baby has been very fussy lately and I couldn’t imagine a necklace helping that. However, after just a few hours of wearing it she was all smiles and no more fuss! And the necklace seemed to be affecting my own toothache! The pain was gone!! Now when I go home at night after a few hours the pain comes back. So I have ordered one for myself 🙂 they are amazing!!

  6. My youngest son who is now 2 wore a Baltic amber necklace from about 3 months until ALL of his teeth came in. Most of the time we didn’t even know he was teething until we would see a tooth. My husband has carpal tunnel and he wore a bracelet on each wrist and they helped him tremendously. I wore a necklace when I was having severe headaches and the headaches went away. I recommend everyone try them, they are wonderful.

  7. Great post. I just ordered amber teething beads from my favorite natural baby store. We are just entering the teething phase. Fingers crossed that they work!!

  8. Shannon Reed says:

    I bought a raw baltic amber teething necklace for my LO after nothing else worked- it worked like a charm! I agree, they have to be the light colored amber and they have to be the raw amber. Cute blog!

  9. Choosing amber teething necklaces be sure you buy a real baltic amber. I can suggest the shop, where I bought my baltic amber teething necklace
    Here is a real baltic amber and it came with certificate. I can say that it really works with my second baby:) She is not crying too much anymore. Hope this helps to someone!
    Lucy recently posted..Genuine Baltic amber teething necklace – 12,00 €My Profile

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