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I’ve mentioned that over the last week and a half, illnesses have struck our house! Baby Girl had a cold, which spread to me and then hubby. They are both still fighting the cough aspect. And then Baby Girl also got a virus – rash, fever – on top of her cold! Yuck! I’m thinking she picked up the cold while that virus was incubating… oh the joys of church nursery! Ha. {Really the good aspects far outweigh these icky ones.}

When illness, strikes, we’ve been trying natural remedies first, before going to modern medicine. Nothing is wrong with modern medicine, but sometimes it seems to be overused. Plus I’m breastfeeding, which many of you mommas know means that there are a lot of meds I can’t take at the moment. So natural remedies just make sense. One reader asked how we were staying well and fighting off our colds.

I am so glad to share what we’ve been doing, but let me say real quickly that this is new to us. We are learning. We love what we are learning. But we have by no means arrived. Please feel free to share any insight with us!

Breastmilk: I know that this is not available to everyone, but I’ve been amazed to learn about all of its healing properties! When Lilleigh had pink eye, we used it as eye drops, and yes, it worked! I’ve heard it can be used for ear aches as well (source). And our pediatrician had me squirt a little in her nose to help heal her cold.

Briar Rose: This was recommended by our pediatrician, especially during cold and flu season. According to a handout from our pediatrician, it is a natural remedy for a runny nose and congestion in children. Additionally, it’s an immune booster, and it fights ear infections and aches, a sore throat, sinus infections, and headaches due to allergies. Adults can take it as well. I couldn’t find it at Sprouts, Natural Grocers, or Amazon, so we bought it from our pediatrician.

Elderberry: (Updated December 2011) Fights viral infections! Great for the common cold and the flu! I mix a bit with a cup of water and drink it. You can take this in the midst of sickness or to prevent it. Elderberry is a wonderful immune booster! Our pediatrician recommends it. It’s available on Amazon: Sambucus Black Elderberry

Emergen-C: Vitamin C boosts your immune system! It doesn’t have to be in the form of Emergen-C. Any vitamin C will do. Available on Amazon for $7.62 with subscribe and save: Emergen-C Multi-Vitamin Cherry-Pomegranate Flavored FIZZY Drink Mix, 30 packets

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: (UPDATED July 2012) FCLO is full of vitamins A, D, and K, as well as EPA, DHA, and omega-3’s. I have an entire post devoted to FCLO, so check it out!

Garlic: Garlic has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It’s also rich in antioxidants, which destroy free radicals. Garlic has been found to help prevent and treat colds as well (Source). I swallow garlic cloves like pills. If the clove is too big, I cut it up. My hubby chews it, but I’d prefer to avoid the taste. What I love about garlic is that it’s cheap, and we almost always have it on hand!

Keeper of the Home’s homemade cold remedy: (UPDATED 10/26) Hubby made this for me a few months ago, and it worked wonders!! The honey is great for a cough. The rest really clears sinuses. See my full report here.

Lithy Tree: This was also recommended by our pediatrician, though we have yet to try it. Lithy Tree “targets the lungs and aids in restoring pulmonary function” (source: handout from pediatrician). It’s available on Amazon: Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions for Lungs
We were unable to find it at Natural Grocers or Sprouts. Since it’s a bit pricey though, I may continue to look.

Onions: (UPDATED 10/26) A little onion chopped up by the bed can help clear sinuses as well. I’m amazed how well it had worked for me.

Probiotics: Instead of killing all bacteria, even the good, as an antibiotic does, a probiotic gives more good bacteria. To fight off and replace the bad. This is naturally found in raw milk and yogurt. You can also take a supplement. The one I take is a gel cap from Sprouts.

Zicam: This is a homeopathic remedy loaded with vitamin C. It is supposed to help you “get over your cold faster.” I have to say that I do think it helped me! Colds typically linger (at least for me) for one to two weeks. Mine lasted less than a week. We use the rapid melts that melt on your tongue. The taste is decent. This is available on Amazon: Zicam Cold Remedy RapidMelts with Vitamin C & Echinacea Tablets, Lemon-Lime, 25-Count Box

Please note that this is NOT a cure-all. This is simply what I have been taking to boost my immune system and encourage my body to heal on its own! This is my first stop before modern meds. Modern medicine is sometimes necessary!


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  1. Just thought I’d let you know that I looked this up today since A has a bit of a cold and I fear I may be getting one too. I’m going to pin it for future reference!
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