Reindeer Canvases!

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If you are one of Lilleigh’s grandparents, skip this post…

For everyone else – Lil and I had a craft day the other day. We made gifts for grandparents! {That is a major perk of having a child – easy gift giving for grandparents! Frame a photo, make some artwork. Heartfelt. Inexpensive. A work of art. Best gift ever.}

We set out to make reindeer canvases. So I bought four 8×10 canvases and painted them blue. I like that each were a different shade. {And you’ll see more differences as we go.} It’s nice that each grandparent gets a “Lilleigh original”!

As you can see, Lilleigh was very interested in the project from the beginning. I had to take this photo FAST before she got to the paint!

I had to decide whether or not to make the reindeer by first painting a reindeer head {a brown oval} and using Lilleigh’s hand prints as antlers OR to use Lil’s foot print as the head and then draw my own antlers. Personally the first option was my favorite, but I figured there would be less mess with feet. Plus I only needed four foot prints this way, as opposed to eight hand prints. You do what you can! Don’t mind the fact that I took this photo after drawing one antler. 🙂

Then I added simple antlers in a darker brown, black-brown eyes, and a red nose. I added snowflakes the background, though you could definitely write “Merry Christmas” – a great option for an older child! Finally, I signed it for her with “[heart] LAL”. Work of art! A Lilleigh original that the grandparents will love!

If you are thinking, “Hey, but didn’t you do most of that painting?” you’re right. My baby is not a painting prodigy, even though I most days I think she is. 🙂 For those of you with older kids who can actually paint it all themselves, the grandparents will love it that much more!

What Christmas crafts have you been doing with your kids?

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  1. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I’m always saying that with your posts. But really, this is awesome. Totally awesome. I’m pinning it. Did I mention this was awesome?
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