25 Healthy Snacks for the Little Ones

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Image from Our Best Bites – How genius is this? Fruit by the foot, homemade!


A question that seems to come up repeatedly in my world – What are some healthy snack options that I can pack on-the-go for my little one or have on hand for quick access at home? There are lots of processed foods packaged up in little snack packs and labeled with some healthy-sounding name, but don’t be fooled. That does not mean that they’re healthy. But let’s be honest, having a mini gourmet meal packed up in the diaper bag isn’t really realistic. There must be some middle ground! After all, we don’t want to just feed our kids crud!

So after brainstorming this issue for some time, I’ve come up with, what I consider to be, some good options.

  1. No-bake energy bites*
  2. Turkey and cheese bites
  3. Cheese cubes
  4. Apples baked with cinnamon
  5. Pumpkin baked with cinnamon and nutmeg
  6. Apple sauce
  7. Fruit leather
  8. Dried fruit
  9. Raisins
  10. Any type of fruit {Those with a skin that are easier for on-the-go! Think clementines and bananas.}
  11. Smoothies
  12. Smoothie pops {Freeze them. I haven’t had luck with this yet. Still working on a good recipe.}
  13. Pureed berry pops {Have you smelled pureed strawberries? Need I say more?}
  14. Sweet potato fries {Okay so not on-the-go, but still delish!}
  15. Veggies {carrots, green and red bell peppers} with humus*
  16. “Ants on a log” aka celery with peanut butter and raisins*
  17. Guacamole and blue corn chips {Or just guac solo!}
  18. Homemade chocolate fudge Larabar replicas*
  19. Fruit salad {Just mix a bunch of fruit to spice things up. Sometimes I add mint and a bit of pear or orange juice.}
  20. Trail mix {Make your own at Sprouts or the similar grocery store. Sunflower seeds, nuts, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, etc.}*
  21. Apples and peanut butter*
  22. Yogurt and fruit
  23. Granola*
  24. No-bake granola bars*
  25. Hard-boiled egg

I often hear moms put cereals in the healthy snack category. From what I’ve read, despite what big name cereal companies would have us believe, most cereals aren’t great for us. (Even the adult ones advertised as being healthy!) The bottom line is they’re still very processed. For this reason, I’ve excluded cereal from the list. It’s not that I won’t feed cereal to my child in a pinch, but for an everyday snack, I try to avoid it. She gets enough Cheerios and goldfish at church childcare.

*This item may contain an ingredient or two that may not be suitable for a child under 18-24 months, so please consult your pediatrician first.

What healthy snack ideas do you have?

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  1. I made fruit leather this last summer with the raspberry surplus. It’s nice that cheap applesauce is a good filler in it and can even be made into fruit leather on its own. That makes it less messy for littles to eat on their own. LE eats lots of frozen gogurts (not that brand but that idea), cut in half in the middle. Lastly, we also get baked snap peas for her. They arent cheap ($1.79 small bag), but they have fiber and are a good alternative for kids looking for a chip-like crunch.

  2. Try just pumpkin without the spices……my daughter loved it so much! 🙂 I didn’t realize this when I was a new mom, but raisins are a major choking hazard as they can stick together, even if they are given one at a time. We love hard boiled eggs for snacks in our house, and waffles w/peanut butter, carrots, etc.
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    • We do love pumpkin around here!
      And I’ve never heard that about raisins! Crazy! Now that she’s taking bigger bites, I’m not worried for Lilleigh. But that’s good to know – thanks!
      Oooh and I did see a recipe somewhere recently for homemade waffles you can freeze and pull out for an easy yummy breakfast!
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