Local Produce, Meats, etc delivered to my door! Greenling Review and #Giveaway!

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Our family strives to eat a good amount of raw and fresh organic food! When it’s local, that’s a plus! From fruits and veggies to meats to dairy to home-baked goods, we love it! We don’t have any food allergies, nor do we watch our carb or sodium intake. That’s because we believe there’s a difference between eating healthy by American standards and eating healthy by natural standards. It is our opinion that foods in their natural forms are what the body needs! (Weight Watchers products are still processed – just saying.)

To make sure we are eating plenty of fresh foods, I am constantly juggling trips to Whole Foods and Super Target (my go-to stores), farmers markets (when they’re open), and our local raw milk farm, all while having a baby and managing a house and our weekly activities. I’d love to only grocery shop once every couple of weeks, but with trying to eat more produce, I have found that this isn’t possible for us at the moment, since produce ages quickly. But recently I was presented with an option I love – online ordering for local and organic foods, accompanied with front door delivery! How? you ask. Greenling.

Greenling is a service that delivers fresh organic or local sustainable produce, along with meats, dairy, and other organic or baked items to customers. It’s certainly making it’s mark in Texas! Just the week before they went “live” in DFW, I heard some neighborhood moms talking about it, wondering how it differed from their normal co-ops.

Many of these friends are already involved in local co-ops, where they get bins once every couple of weeks filled with local organic produce. I have often wanted to join one of these co-ops, but I’ve struggled with the picky eater in me, knowing there would certainly be a good chunk of each bin that I didn’t like. Plus a year (or half a year) commitment just seems scary. I hate to be locked into something financially. These areas are exactly where Greenling differs from your normal co-op.

With Greenling, you have the option of choose your local box, filled with locally grown items, much like a typical co-op. See the picture below.

OR you can hand pick each and every item that goes in your bin. Some items may be local, while others are just simply organic. But either way, they’re raw and fresh, and you have a say as to what goes in your bin. Plus Greenling understands that one month you may be able to afford $50 of items; while another month, only $25. That’s totally okay because Greenling is customizable! Additionally, you aren’t locked into anything. You can certainly skip months of ordering. Yet if you are someone who likes to have set items “on hand” each month, you can create different shopping lists, to save yourself the hassle of recreating your order each time. You can also set these orders up weeks ahead of time, saving yourself the trouble of doing it later. And the best part? A Greenling driver, in a Prius, delivers your box to your door!

I must say that after my first order, I was impressed!! I love that I was able to customize my order. And I wasn’t limited to just produce (another difference) – because I also received meat. (Next time I might get butter, peanut butter, etc… make the most of my shopping list!) The driver arrived around 9 AM and was very friendly. He handed me the box and then was on his way. Lilleigh and I were super excited to get to open this box! Talk about a great way to get your family excited to eat their veggies!

After inspecting the box (only kidding), we opened it! We received a chicken breast in its own cooling pouch, carrots, arugula, lemons, raspberries, avocados, bananas, apples, and an orange.

I’m really hoping y’all bought that awesome Greenling Groupon I showed you last week – 50% off! I bought one! Can’t wait to use it again!

If you are a new customer, you’ll notice a $10 bin fee. This one-time fee is refunded to you when you return the bin. To return it, you simply place the bin outside your door on the day of your next delivery. Or if you wish to take a break from ordering, you can also call or email to schedule a bin pick up.

Like I said, Greenling is new to DFW, but it already has a presence in San Antonio and Austin! Spreading the Texas love! To my Houston readers, you ARE on Greenling’s radar, though it’s hard to say exactly when they will arrive there. Hopefully soon!

To celebrate Greenling’s arrival to DFW, they are giving one reader from ANY of their delivery locations a chance to win a bin! To enter to win, simply use the form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to those in Greenling’s delivery area only. Enter your zip code here to find out if you qualify, though if you are in DFW, Austin, or San Antionio, you most likely do. Please keep in mind that you will also need to pay the $10 refundable bin deposit. (Like I said above, totally refundable once you return the bin!) You must be 18 years or older to enter.

This review is based on my own experience with the company and was not compromised in anyway. I approached them about a review and giveaway after being blown away by their amazing customer service!

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  1. I love organic foods because they are soooo much healthier for you and buy purchasing local you support the local economy = win win 🙂

  2. Pamela Brouillard says:

    Wonderful post. I love freshfruits and veggies! Especially in the summertime. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great gift, unfortunately Greenling does not deliver in my area 🙁 Anyway, have a great day <3

  3. I have never heard of this company before. It sounds awesome! I love organic foods because we are trying to eat healthier now that Carter is eating a lot of what we eat (or at least we are trying to get him to!), so local & organic both make more sense. And I am with you…what a great way to go about it, having it delivered to your front door. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Love farmers markets and buying locally! 🙂

  5. Very cool! I just bought their Groupon and had asked them a bunch of questions and they were so helpful and polite.
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sweet HeartsMy Profile

  6. I cannot believe I have not tried this yet. What is wrong with me?! Maybe if I win I can finally do it!
    Jenny B recently posted..Bringing a baby to BlogHerMy Profile

  7. Um, just realized I was supposed to include why I like local & organic: mostly because I have read books by Michael Pollan and seen “Food, Inc.”. Highly recommend!
    Jenny B recently posted..Bringing a baby to BlogHerMy Profile

  8. I like getting local produce because it’s fresher!

  9. I ONLY feed my twins organic, but it stacks up in price and time spent running around. We would LOVE to win! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  10. I am also a new mom, my daughter is 11 months old today! We switched to Whole Foods and as much organic and hormone/antibiotic free stuff as possible. It’s expensive! I just bought the Groupon for Greenling and we are excited to try it out! I am also looking into a new local CSA group called Hackberry Farm – found them through Localharvest.com. BTW, my blog is relatively untouched because in addition to being a stay at home mom, I also work a full time job from home, so my free time is slim! I hope that as baby girl gets a bit older, I might be able to write more! Don’t know how you do it! All secrets welcome!
    Amy recently posted..Hello, World!My Profile

  11. I love local organic foods because I feel like food should feed your spirit and your life as well as your belly and body. I’m part of a CSA here in Dallas and we participate in the whole process of getting produce to our plates. Knowing the other shareholders, helping our farmer(s), getting our hands dirty, and being a part of all of it has made me really appreciate every bite of food I take and what has gone into it and what’s going into me.

  12. we are trying to eat less processed food and more whole food – already use Bountiful Baskets and am excited to try Greenling!

  13. Sandy Seale says:

    Loooovvvveeee Greenling!!!!!!!!!!! It has just come to my area so just got my first box yesterday. My daughter in Austin has enjoyed it for years now.

  14. I love organic foods because I have a small child at home with health issues, and dont want to load him up with even more chemicals in his body. And eating local just feels right!

  15. I bought that Groupon and CANNOT WAIT to use it! Waiting until our all natural/organic month of March, so that I dont’ use it all up now! Hope I win the bin!!!
    JILL GARCIA recently posted..37 MonthsMy Profile

  16. I would love to try Greenling out. Ever since being diagnosed with some major food allergies, I try to eat mostly organic and get my family to eat that way too. A blessing in disguise!

  17. Oooh, I want to try! Can’t believe I missed out on the Groupon!

  18. Local and organic foods taste better! Really!
    Gena recently posted..Do toddlers really need a “head start on learning”??My Profile

  19. I love that when you buy local and organic you are buying things that are better for your body and much fresher!
    Tamara recently posted..*HOT* Deal on Organic, Local, and Sustainable Groceries with Free Delivery #Dallas #DFWMy Profile

  20. I love eating organic because I know it’s good for my health and eating things from the EARTH rocks!

  21. I love to eat organic because my niece, Jennifer, has inspired me about what it can do for my health.

  22. Jennifer S. says:

    We love local organic food because we are happy to support the farmers in our area!

  23. mary begley says:

    I feel local produce is healthier for my family. Organic makes it even healthier and we have less illness.

  24. Jana Williamson says:

    I Love organic foods as I don’t want to eat a million pesticides on my food. We have eaten organic for quite a few years now and this will make it even easier to eat this way. I am very excited to try the groupon out.

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