Week of 2/12/12 Menu Planning

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I’m trying to be more thorough on our menu, since I know many of you must wonder how we actually live on $280/month grocery budget ($220, if you don’t count toiletries, etc). Sooo in an effort to be more helpful in that area, here’s what our menu has looked like this week.


  • We pretty much rotate between eggs and oatmeal. I try to integrate fruit in as well. My staple each morning is spiced chai latte.


  • We are kinda boring lunch people! Our lunches usually consist of leftovers from dinner the night before. This week, I did heat up lentil soup from the freezer for a few days and make quesadillas another day. I’m so fancy!


  • Lilleigh – leftovers. Mom and dad – date night out.Lilleigh got sick, so we stayed home. Bummer! Since it was last minute, we scrounged up leftovers from the fridge.
  • Pumpkin soup, homemade bread.
  • Quesadillas, sweet potato fries, guacamole.
  • Half price fajitas for two date night at home! 🙂
  • Leftovers.
  • Dinner at friends’ house. We are bringing homemade brownies!
  • Pesto chicken, peppers, homemade bread. (I made my own pesto for this, using leftover arugula!)


  • Fruit – I bought a lot on sale at Sprouts the other day. Plus I got quite a bit from Greenling (enter the giveaway here!), so we’ve been going through it!
  • Smoothies – again going through the fruit. I went and bought a ton for smoothies because Lilleigh had an ear infection and wasn’t eating. (Poor thing!) But a smoothie was just what Doctor Momma ordered!
  • Guacamole. Some with chips, and some just plain.
  • Baked apple sprinkled with cinnamon – mainly for Lilleigh.
  • I tried to make humus, but it really turned out quite terrible. Not sure why the recipe had such awesome reviews on AllRecipes.com either. This is our second time to try this recipe. With the great reviews, the first time we figured we just did something wrong, but now I’m just wondering… So if you have a great humus recipe, send it my way! The easier, the better.

A friend unknowingly challenged me to start menu planning for an entire month. At first I thought this was way to daunting, and I said no way. But once I thought more about it, I really loved the idea of knowing at the beginning of the month all of the odd things I may need from the store. AND I loved even more that I could avoid the repetition of meals that is our current menu! So I’m sold. I’ve got the rest of February finished and about 15% of March. Hopefully this will help you all as well!

While we are on the topic of food, check out what we got…

Turns out “Sir,” who we’ve been so convinced was a rooster, is actually a “Madam” – woohoo!! More eggs!


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  1. Love this! So glad u are getting hooked on monthly meal planning!

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