Apple Sauce Squeezers: Great on the run snack for littles!

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I showed y’all how impressed I was with these genius “gogurt” tutorials last week. And I seriously couldn’t get them out of my mind. They’re just genius. So I got out my food saver and started playing around with it! And I came up with another fun idea – apple sauce squeezers! Though I used a food saver for this, you could totally use silicon molds and freeze them, creating a great warm weather treat!

On to the food saver method – I’ll tell you that the tutorial I linked to doesn’t have a great food saver tutorial. Food Savers are meant to vacuum seal, meaning they suck out moisture before sealing. Normally this is great, but if you are sealing yogurt or, in this case, apple sauce, then you don’t want it to vacuum! Hence the problem – there really wasn’t a tutorial for using the food saver to make a gogurt/ apple sauce squeezers. So here it is!

First I took the roll of food saver plastic and cut about 5″ (I’m still working on the perfect size, but this is close) of plastic. (You need about 2″ on each side for the vacuum seal.)

Here’s what the piece of plastic looks like when it’s cut. Your width may look different, which is okay. It depends on the size you want your pouch to be. The reason I show you this is that I want you to see the seal on either side.

Seal one of the lengths of the plastic. (When you seal: Press the “Stop|Seal” button twice. Sorta like a double click. This tells the machine to skip the vacuum and to just seal.) This will mean 3 sides are sealed. Then seal the 4th side. I know this sounds crazy because you have nothing in there yet, but go with it.

Here you can see that all four sides are sealed. You will end up cutting off the top (as shown here – the short end).

Then use a funnel to spoon the filling (apple sauce, flavored yogurt, fruit and veggie puree) into the pouch.

Leave about two inches of space from the top in your pouch.

Then seal it, using the double-click method, so as to avoid vacuuming!

And that’s it! You can store these in the freezer or in the fridge. Then pack them in your child’s lunch for school or for a fun outing!

My little one LOVES them! Check out these Instagram photos of her eating one! Looooves them. It’s a tasty snack and lets her assert her independence!

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  1. no way. i don’t know why i never thought of something like this! i would love for you to add this to my new link party… spreading the love. please go check it out if you are interested! there’s a great scarf giveaway going on there as well!
    {love} lauryn @ love notes by lauryn

  2. Wow something like this exists? Why i dont know about it? I need one, it looks so useful…
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  3. Wow, that is super useful!
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  4. This looks awesome! I just don’t have a food saver. 🙁

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