Bread Making: Whole Wheat Bread

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Since several of you have asked, here is our bread recipe! It’s actually adapted from the recipe book that came with our bread machine, but I have made a couple changes. Also please note that this recipe is to be used with a bread maker.

For a 2 lb loaf, layer these ingredients in the loaf pan that goes in your machine. Put them in in this order – first ingredient goes in first, at the bottom; last ingredient will be on top.

  • 13 fl. oz. water/milk combo – I usually do 7 fl. oz. milk and the rest water. I usually do more like 13.5 fl. oz., airing on the side of moist rather than dry.
  • 21 oz. whole wheat/bread flour combo – I measure about 14 oz. whole wheat flour and 7 bread flour. This will take some playing with to see how best you like it. The actual recipe calls for all bread flour, which makes for a very pretty and fluffy loaf, but we find this to be too airy for us. We prefer bread to be a bit more dense. And you’ll notice in the photo that this flour combo doesn’t yield a perfect looking loaf, but we prefer taste to looks. 😉
  • 2 t. salt – We use sea salt.
  • 1 T. honey – You could use sugar instead.
  • 1 oz. butter, cut into 8 pieces
  • 1 t. active dry yeast – Just a note: I find it cost-effective to buy yeast in bulk. I bought mine via Vitacost, but you could also try Costco or Amazon.

Here are some photos of our bread loaves. The one less risen was made with the flour combo described above. The one completely risen had 1/3 whole wheat flour and 2/3 bread flour instead of visa versa.

Our bread machine: DeLonghi Bread Maker. It was a pretty sweet gift! I am sure you don’t need one this fancy, but we do love ours! And I use it about twice a week. We no longer buy bread! This machine is super easy to use and a money-saver for us. No complaints.


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  1. Ok, I need a bread maker. . . 🙂
    Elizabeth Ann recently posted..Quadruple GIVEAWAY ! 😉My Profile

    • It’s true!! Bread makers are amazing. I had heard that it’s one of those things that people register for for weddings and then don’t use but we use ours all the time. Maybe it’s a good thing to look for on Craigslist? I’d make sure you have the manual though!
      Thankfully Thrifty recently posted..Bread Making: Whole Wheat BreadMy Profile

  2. I can never get the bread to be a great consistency for sandwiches. Dries out too quickly and is just too crumbly and hard for the girls to eat. Do you have these problems?

    • So I actually don’t have this issue. Maybe it’s the particular machine?

      I will say that I get the feeling that Crystal from Money Saving Mom may have your issue because she has talked about bread tasting better when she makes the dough in the machine and then takes the dough out and bakes it in the oven. Maybe you should try that? Not as easy as the machine doing it all but still just to have dough made for you is huge!

      Also when we did 2/3 bread flour rather than wheat flour, our bread was very fluffy and airy like store bought bread. So the ingredients affect consistency too. So I’d also try another recipe.
      Thankfully Thrifty recently posted..Bread Making: Whole Wheat BreadMy Profile

  3. Thanks for this! I already put breadmaker down as an anniversary/birthday or Christmas gift. Too bad all of those things are in the fall or winter though!
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: NosyMy Profile

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