Organizing Cloth Diapers

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It’s no secret that I looove cloth diapers! For us, they are just the way to go. Cloth is super cute. It’s green. It’s economical. And 90% of the time, it is easier, in my opinion. But one thing that wasn’t easy for me (at first) was figuring out where to store them all! I know that sounds silly, but hear me out. We have around 20 cloth diapers that, when folded up, easily take up 4x as much space as disposables. Plus they come with gear. Depending on what type of cloth you use, there’s different gear. But for us, there’s liners, diaper rash cream specifically for cloth, cloth wipes, my homemade wipes solution, and extra cloth inserts. And all of this needs to be stored in a place that is quick and easy to access, preferably near your changing area. After a year of using cloth diapers, I think we finally found the organizational solution for us!

We are using a dresser for the changing table. And since Lilleigh doesn’t need all of the drawers in it (A. Because we already have built-ins, and B. because she’s a baby and doesn’t need a lot of clothes… though she probably has a better wardrobe than me… which is beside the point), I have turned the top two drawers into our diaper drawers. (The bottom drawer actually contains clothes! Ha!)

In the top drawer, we have extra inserts and doublers, of which we have A TON! We also have diaper rash creams, one from a specialty baby boutique (that I actually won) and California Baby. There is also a roll of Grovia liners in this drawer. Other than that, there is a baby toiletry bag (not specific to cloth diapers) and mini throw-away bags for disposables that someone randomly got us, and a few cloth wipes, though most of these are in a caddy that I keep on top of the dresser. That caddy contains disposable wipes (for really messy or disposable diapers), cloth wipes, and my homemade cloth wipe solution. (Sorry there’s no pic of that.) But here’s the top drawer. It totally looked neater, in my mind I guess, when I took this photo…

In the second drawer is where I actually keep the diapers, stuffed and ready to go. I keep them folded in rows, rather than stacks, because I find it easier to see exactly how many we have left until laundry time, which allows me to mentally prepare for that. And I just think they’re easier to grab, especially when you need a certain color for that cute dress! 😉

In this drawer, I also keep disposables, which I always try to have on hand, though I normally don’t have nearly this many. (My mother-in-law gives me her left over stash whenever my nephew, who lives in the same city as her, grows out of a size. It’s pretty great.) And in between the cloth and disposables, I keep an extra diaper pail liner.

For more info on my cloth diapering system, check out this post.

Are you a cloth diapering momma? How do you organize your cloth?

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  1. Oh I just love my butt fluff. I can’t wait to get it out and get it ready for this one! 🙂 So, you’re a Bum Genius fan? Those look like some of mine….
    We love fitted diapers with cute covers. I love your dresser…I’m looking for one like that this time. Annie had a changing table, but drawers are easier for cloth.
    Stacy Makes Cents recently posted..Baby #2 Is On The Way!My Profile

  2. Jessica Grimes says:

    We have a three drawer dresser that we use in the same way, generally. Top for onsies, rompers and pants/ baby legs. Middle for already put together diapers ( we have about 10 pockets) and then a stack of our various shells and inserts ( flip organics and prefolds). Third is for extra microfibers/ random inserts, extra packages of wipes ( we haven’t gone to cloth wipes yet but Im pondering it) and two packages of grovia bio lines ( for our shells).

  3. Love how you organize your diapers, especially the disposable ones. It doesn’t hurt that they all look so colorful and cheery…
    Allison recently posted..Verizon Fios Promotion Code for Triple and Double PlayMy Profile

  4. I use for all of my cloth diapers and I stack them like disposables in my diaper stacker!

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