Fabric Cash Envelopes!

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Earlier this year we started using cash for all of our purchases, with the exception of our bills, which we pay online. We have loved the cash system for a number of reasons, one being the freedom we have experienced by not having to worry about going over budget!

And after a couple of months, our paper envelopes were looking loved. So I resorted to making my own fabric cash envelopes! I used two fabric patterns for each envelope – one on the inside and one on the outside. I sewed the envelopes together and used velcro for the envelope closures.

And I’ve been using this clutch pouch to stuff my wallet and cash envelopes in when we are out and about. It makes it convenient for changing purses too because I can just move the pouch from bag to bag, rather than all of the contents.

I am loving these cash envelopes! It makes the cash system even more fun! I still have a few more to make in the weeks to come.


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  1. I love this idea, but Andy doesn’t because he likes to get the miles on our credit card as well as building up our credit. Do you feel you’re missing out on that?
    Emily Salsky recently posted..He is Risen!My Profile

    • We have actually found we use less than when we used our credit cards. I think this is because a) you feel/see the money leave, b) when you spend money, it HAS to come from an envelope, and c) Brendon and I are forced to be on the same page (no spontaneous trips to home depot). So basically if we want to have people over for dinner at the end of the month when we have $0 grocery budget, we have a choice to make as to where that comes from. Since we are strictly cash, the credit card is not an option. But we could take from the going out envelope to make it work. Since we are using cash, it doesn’t matter where the money comes from since we have already budgeted for the cash in the envelopes. But before the cash system, we might go over $10 on grocery (though I am very disciplined so if I did it, I know others do too) and not stress – but at the end of the day that overage ends up being worth more than any miles, in my opinion.
      You can still always pay bills on the credit card.

  2. Have you thought about selling these cute little envelopes? I would love to start the envelope system, but trying to get my hubby on board.

    • You know, you are the second person today to ask me about selling them. I just might. I’ve been thinking about opening a hodge podge Etsy shop. I’ll keep you all posted! Thanks for the compliments! Good luck getting your family on board for cash! It’s a great system!
      Thankfully Thrifty recently posted..Fabric Cash Envelopes!My Profile

  3. Those are so much prettier than mine! 🙂 I just have the standard black envelope wallet from Dave Ramsey….Barry feels more “manly” if he has to carry that. LOL
    Stacy Makes Cents recently posted..Mama’s Sausage MacaroniMy Profile

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