Oh how our garden grows!

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I am super excited at how well our garden is growing!

Don’t these blueberries look amazing?


Our garden, which began mainly as starters, though we did plant a few seeds. The fencing around it is meant to keep out chickens and squirrels. So far, so good!

Broccoli and peppers, though I am pretty sure it’s too late for the broccoli to produce. (The holes in the broccoli leaves are from a hail storm we had a couple of weeks ago.)

These tomato plants have gotten huge! Doubled in size, certainly.

Beets. Not sure why we have beets, except that my husband secretly wants to have a beet farm like Dwight Schrute.

Carrots sprouting up from seeds! P.S. The straw that is on top of the soil is not something I recommend. Hubby did it as a mulch, not thinking about the fact that straw has seeds in it, which means straw keeps growing up. You live, you learn! You just have to laugh sometimes!

Not shown are the green onions, which I transplanted, and the jalapenos. Also I’m hoping to plant herbs soon in some pots!

And here’s Clara Belle, one of our hens!

Do you have a garden? If so, what are you growing?

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  1. No garden…but I have Basil and Oregano, an onion that sprouted in the fridge that I am experimenting with and celery starting. (And a farmer’s market up the road) 🙂

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