The FREE Fisher-Price Apps I Never Thought I’d Use

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For those of you who aren’t moms of young kids, you’ll have to forgive me for what I feel like has been a lot of mommy posts lately. I’m realizing that babies and kids are constantly in some sort of “phase,” whether it’s a no nap phase, a fit-throwing phase, a 3-hour nap phase, etc. It’s always some sort of phase! Good or bad. And right now we are in the just-dropped-her-second-nap-and-not-yet-taking-a-long-nap phase. Or at least I hope this is just a phase. Because it’s exhausting. So if you see less posts, that’s why. I’m trying to just tread water, get meals cooked, and keep my house in order. The creativity department is lacking. Still, nonetheless we are doing what we can to survive and even enjoy this phase!

Because we are in a difficult nap phase, when we run errands in the morning or go somewhere for lunch, I have found myself desperate to keep Lilleigh awake for the car ride home. (Must. Nap. At home. Need. A break.) And y’all know I’m not a huge fan of TV or of letting Lil play with my phone, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve resorted to handing her my iPhone to keep her awake…

But wait. Let me explain. You see, for Christmas this past year, a family member gave Lilleigh the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case. I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. I mean I knew it had definite potential to entertain her on road trips, but it also encourages her to play with my phone, which I don’t love. Still, since we drive between Houston and Dallas often, I thought we’d give it a try.

Upon opening the toy, the instructions said to download a few free Fisher-Price apps. No code or anything is required! That’s right – Fisher-Price offers FREE apps for little ones! I’m a fan of the Laugh & Learn collection, which includes Shapes, Animal Sounds for Baby, Where’s Puppy’s Nose?, and Let’s Count Animals!

I know, I know. You might not be sold on downloading apps. On YOUR phone. For your baby. But if you are in a pinch, I’ve found these to be great tools! Since my phone is protected by the OtterBox, I feel okay letting Lilleigh hold or play with my phone, even when I don’t have the Fisher-Price apptivity toy on hand. So if we have a 10 minute or longer drive, I’ve given her my phone with one of these apps going and let her be entertained by them. It sure does beat her falling asleep for 5 minutes in the car and having a restless afternoon! And she loves these apps. Lil isn’t really into TV yet, but she is mesmorized by these apps which are educational and entertaining, with song and dance. They have certainly kept her from falling asleep before nap time, AND they’ve helped entertain her on road trips.

So all that to say, I’ve come around to this toy. I still don’t love the idea of toddlers using parents’ phones, but I love the entertainment value for special occasions. And for such occasions, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case is well worth the cost. I actually took an old iPhone we had (iPod would work too.) with a cracked screen and put it inside the toy, that way I don’t have to mess with taking the case off of my phone to get it in the toy. Easier all around! My phone in its OtterBox does the job decently, but I like the actual toy because then Lilleigh can’t press the home/ Siri button and disrupt the app. Fisher-Price did well!

Never thought I’d blog about kid apps. Or a toy like this. But when you find something that works well as a parent, you gotta share!

When you are near nap time, how do you keep little one from falling asleep in the car?

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  1. Jessica Grimes says:

    Ive been wondering about this. Thanks for the reviews! I love your blog 😀

  2. I have these apps on my phone and iPad too! But my son is obsessed with throwing things (is that a phase too?) so iPhone time is very VERY supervised…iPad I can relax a little, but he still likes to flip it over. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting the Apptivity case so I’m glad I read this review 🙂 Thanks!
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