Graduation Gift Guide!

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I am totally a gift person, which means not only do I love receiving gifts, but I love giving gifts as well! And I always want to give the perfect gift! So for that graduate in your life, here’s a few things you might consider giving him or her…

Moms and Dads, how cute is this gift? Start thinking early about that graduation gift! Like in kindergarten! Grab a copy of Dr Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and send it with a note to your child’s teacher at the end of each year. What a special gift this will be one day! {Pinspiration}

For a practical gift, try a going away to college basket! You could take a shower caddy and fill it with lots of goodies! Make sure the caddy is plastic with holes in it, to let water drain out. Stuff it with shower goods, shower shoes, Febreeze, ear plugs, etc. Or for another spin on this, fill a collapsible mesh laundry basket (like these – upright or horizontal) with coins for the washers and dryers, detergent, dryer sheets, a laundry cheat sheet, stain remover, and more! Nothing like stocking up that graduate with supplies to take care of him or her self! {Pinspration …The blog this was pinned from appears to be unavailable.}

Opt to send your graduate a care package each month for their first year of college/ independence. Include things like a hometown newspaper, favorite baked goods, pens and paper, and gift cards. {Idea and photo courtesy of Cafe Mom}

Lastly, I think this is an awesome idea because I love fans and dorm rooms do not have fans! Ugh. So get your graduate a fan! I love the Lasko fans. I’m totally partial. Last year I got my brother a nice Lasko remote control fan from Costco for a decent price. But Amazon has awesome prices too. Here at two great options: Lasko 52″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan and the Lasko 1827 18-Inch Adjustable Elegance and Performance Pedestal Fan, Black. If your graduate loves fans, he or she will love this gift!

What graduation gift ideas do you have?

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  1. I LOVE the Dr. Seuss graduation idea, but I’m not sure how you do it. Are the teachers writing in the actual book or do you make another book for them to write in. Thanks

  2. Would you give it to the teacher for each grade or only for the kindergarten teacher? The rhyme only talks about the “first teacher”.
    Love the idea!!!

  3. HeatherLeasure says:

    Maybe for the high school years you could see which teacher inspires you child the most?!
    Love this idea! Super Cute!

  4. Do you pass the same book along or different ones a little confused?

  5. I’m a high school teacher and just wrote in a book for one of my juniors. The mom had all of the student’s high school teachers, each semester write it in. She attached a routing slip so we knew who to send it to next and who would send it back to her. Even the coaches are included. It was great! I was so touched to be included and I am starting it for my kids!
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  6. Just went to Barnes & Nobles yesterday to get the book for this and they now have a graduation eddition to give of this book! How cool! Still going to include the little saying so the teachers know what to do 🙂

  7. I recently saw a father give his daughter this for her 8th grade graduation. He said that he gave it to her then because high school is when kids need the most support and confidence and that is also when they start making decisions about their future… I thought it was a great idea so I bought one for each of my kids

  8. I love the book idea, I might have to go and get on and pass it to her teachers, she’s in second grade so it wouldn’t be to hard to get it to the Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher now. Then get one right away for my son before he starts.

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