The Yogurt Mishap and What I Learned

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Last week some of you may have seen my frantic Facebook question, seeking advice for my crock pot yogurt dilemma. You see, a breaker went out in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, so I can’t really explain why. But as luck would have it, it also just so happened to be the day I had chosen to make crock pot yogurt. I was an hour in to the first phase, which requires 2-1/2 hours of heating.

The power was off for 30-45 minutes, which means that milk’s temp was all over the place. I had no idea whether I should scrap it altogether, put it back in the fridge and start anew, or pick up where I left off when the power came back on. When the power came back on, I did start over, hoping it wouldn’t affect the yogurt. But since crock pot yogurt is pretty particular on temperature, it did affect it. I ended up with a lumpy, soupy yogurt mixture.

I could have huffed and puffed and thrown the wannabe yogurt out, but instead, I decided to make the best of my gallon of yogurt-lump-soup. First I filled two ice cube trays full of the soupiness and stuck them in the freezer. I’ll use these for smoothies.

Then I decided to strain the yogurt (which I touched on here), separating it from the whey. Whey is great for making fermented drinks and digestive aids, such as beet kvass. It’s also great to add to water when soaking grains.

Plus when you strain whey from yogurt, you get Greek yogurt and eventually cream cheese. And despite the sad condition the yogurt was in prior to straining, we did come out with Greek yogurt AND cream cheese! Gotta love that! Check out our Greek yogurt below.

Really our failed yogurt batch wasn’t such a failure. Here’s what we walked away with:

  1. Smoothie yogurt base
  2. Whey
  3. Greek yogurt
  4. Cream cheese

So what have we learned from this? Don’t be discouraged. Instead, press on, and always think outside the box. Choosing to be resourceful can be rewarding!

How have you recently turned around what could have been an unfortunate situation?

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  1. Oh my! At least it turned out REALLY well with the end results!! I got the stuff for crockpot yogurt..going to try it in the coming days! Also wanted to ask..have you ever had to add powdered milk to help thicken it? I read online some people do that??
    Melanie recently posted..Stroller Advice!My Profile

  2. If you use skim milk to make your yogurt, you will want to add fat free powdered milk to thicken it a bit. This is what I do, then strain it to Greek yogurt consistency.

  3. Finding Joy says:

    I have a yogurt alert. My crockpot was turned to warm rather than off. It sat for all those hours at a higher temp and made curds and whey. Curds taste fine. A little like yummy cottage cheese. My question is: Will the whey have live cultures in it still that I can use for culturing vegies and other things? Or did I kill it off at around 145 F degrees? Any help would be appreciated.

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