Toddler Busy Bags: Colors

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Toddlers are like sponges, just soaking up new knowledge and skills each day. I love getting to teach my child new things and watch as she makes connections! After our busy bag swap, I started thinking about other toddler activity bags that would not only teach concepts but that I could also easily make with items lying around the house. I have a few things in the works, but here’s one that Lilleigh is loving… COLORS!

We started with the three primary colors. I wrote the colors on their coordinating colored construction paper and taped the labels to their bags. Then I went around the house and filled each bag with objects of its own color. These are items of different shapes and textures. I intend to sit with Lilleigh and introduce her to the color by letting her “explore” each bag. So with the yellow bag, I told her everything in the bag was yellow, and when she pulled out each item, I named it “yellow ____.” So far she loooves it!

Here’s the blue bag close up. In the blue bag, there is a blue stacking cup, a blue measuring cup, a blue + magnet, blue ribbon, blue maraca, blue rings, blue pipe cleaner, and my blue PetSmart card (hey, it’s blue). I added blueberries and the maraca to integrate the senses – and for a fun snack! My goal was to be as creative as possible, as long as everything in each bag matched the color assigned!

And here’s sweet girl playing with the yellow bag! You can see that she loved it! Anything she can unload and reload is a hit! And mom’s full attention makes it the best of the best!

I’d love to hear from you! Any great toddler activities up your sleeve?

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