A Growing Girl Needs a Growth Chart {Made by Momma}

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Baby girl has been growing!! I actually think she may have hit a growth spurt recently. Growing up my grandmother had a doorway where she would mark the heights of her kids and grandkids. It’s so fun to go to her house now and see the doorway all marked up with our heights throughout the years. As for us, I don’t have a doorway I want to do that with though… not quite committed to our house for the next 50 years, just yet. But still, i love the idea of recording the years by height. So after consulting with Pinterest, I decided to make our own growth chart…

Without doing a full out tutorial, I’ll walk you through what I did briefly:

  1. Cut the canvas to be roughly 5-1/2′ x 1-1/2′.
  2. Sew the side and bottom seems. Then at the top fold it over, leaving an inch to inch and a half loop, where the dowel will go through. Sew a seem.
  3. Paint on Gesso, which is what makes canvas hard and white.
  4. Then paint your design.
  5. Once it’s dry, I held up a measuring tape to the chart and made large tick marks at every foot and small ones at every inch. I started the chart at 2′ (since I didn’t want it to go to floor length) and ended at 6′. I chose 6′ because I wanted this chart to be able to be used until my kids are finished growing. If I have a child who is 6’4″, which could happen since both of my brothers are tall, I’ll call it quits at 6′. We can make a note on the chart of their finished height. 😉
  6. Don’t forget to paint on the tick marks and feet.
  7. Finally thread your dowel through. And hot glue ribbon to your dowel as a hanger.
  8. Lastly, hang it up! Be sure to make your chart measure up with the appropriate heights on the wall!


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  1. I saw this on pinterest and thought it would be the perfect gift for my sister in laws baby shower, did you free hand the giraffe or find a template somewhere! Your growth chart has also inspired me to make one for myself, mine would be snoopy, but this is so stinking cute!!!!

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