Because sometimes “spring cleaning” lasts all year…

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Some people truly “spring clean.” They go through their house top to bottom every spring to decide what to keep, what to get rid of, and what needs some new organization. I don’t do this. Sure, I do tons of cleaning. But it’s more of an all year thing for me! Gotta fight that clutter! Plus, as I’ve said before, everything takes longer with a toddler (and I can only imagine when you add another… and another…), so I make one or two cleaning/ reorganizing goals per week. Setting a goal to spring clean top to bottom is overwhelming, but one room or drawer at a time is much more doable!

So as I said before, I’ve been working on my closet. My main goal has been to filter out the “in between” (post-baby size and normal size) clothes. Here’s a photo. I wish it were pretty, but cleaning isn’t pretty!

The bin is full of “in between” clothes. And the bag is full of give away items. Actually I had at least four full bags of items to giveaway. Usually I donate clothes that I no longer need, though I have tried to sell some of my daughter’s. When it comes to giving clothes away though, Freecycle makes closet clean out easy!

What do you do with clothes you no longer wear?


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