Menu Planning for the Week of 7/15/12

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We are running low on eggs, which tends to happen in the summer since hens lay less (or not at all) when it gets into the 90’s. Our red girls (“Clara Belle” and “Henrietta”) are actually still laying pretty regularly, but our black and white speckled (“Josephine”) has laid very few eggs this summer. Since our egg supply is lower than usual, I am trying to come up with other great yet healthy breakfast options! I’d love any suggestions from you all!



  • Leftovers
  • Turkey and cheese wraps/ sandwiches



  • Popcorn – I just bought a pack of organic kernels on Amazon, which I’m psyched about because no GMO! I’m really hoping hubby lets us get a hot air popper!
  • Apple sauce (for Lilleigh)
  • Fake Gogurts (also for Lil)

Any great Pinterest recipe finds? Also any great healthy snack ideas for little ones?

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