Striped Estate Sale Pillow to Pillow with Style!

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At an estate sale last year, I snatched up a throw pillow for $1, planning to recover it. Since pillows the same size are closer to $10 at a craft store, I figured this was a great deal.

What I have been wanting to do is create a reading nook for Lilleigh in her closet, since that’s where we keep her bookshelf anyway. The nook is still a work in progress, but the pillows for it are coming together. I made the large pink pillow for her bed actually to integrate some pink in her room. Remember we didn’t know what we were having, so the room was pretty gender neutral. When I had the idea for the reading nook though, this pink pillow is just so huge and comfy that it’s perfect! And I had extra of the pretty fabric from our coupon bulletin board, so I opted to use it for this project! I clearly did not coordinate the two fabrics together, so that’s another part of this “work in progress” thing! Overlook for now please. 😉

I have recovered pillows before but in a very simple way. (See pink pillow…) This time, I wanted to try to create an edging around the pillow. (I am so not a pro-sewer, as you’ll see. So I have no idea on terminology. In this post, I will refer to the trim as edging.) Sewing tutorials aren’t my thing, so I’ll let you find that elsewhere. I am totally a beginner sewer and can just “get by” on most projects… I’m not the one to take lessons from. I completed the three edges you see here fairly easily, but I was really struggling with the fourth edge. The first three were done with the pillow case inside out, and obviously this could not be done for the fourth because the pillow needed to be inside. Anyway the fourth side was a massive fail. I asked for my friend Katy‘s advice too late. The edge was already to worn down from repeated sewing, so I just cut it off, sewed a hem and added ribbons. Tah-da! Sew much easier!

But for the record, I think Katy’s advice was genius. (That’s why she has a sewing business, making baby bedding!) She said to sew the first three sides and edging with the pillow case inside out. Check. Then turn it right side out (still with no pillow in the case) and sew the edging to one side of the fourth edge. Then put the pillow in, and sew the pillow case shut. Only having to worry about sewing it shut, and not about attaching the edging at the same time, is genius. I had basically been trying to sew the edging to the fourth side while sewing the case shut, with the pillow inside! Way too complicated! That’s why I don’t have a sewing business though! 😉

I think that my makeshift hem works! What do you think?

Now to work on that reading nook a bit more!

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