Attention all college students!

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This post is for the college and grad-school students out there. Having been to both college and grad school, not so long ago, I know that textbooks are expensive! I’d go to the campus bookstore and come out a few hundred dollars later… ugh. What if there was another option? Something less pricey.

Campus Book Rentals understands the {financial} pain of buying expensive textbooks, and they allow you to rent books instead of buy them, which saves you money! I wish I had known about this idea when I was in school! When I was in college, I bought every book from the campus book store. I didn’t even know about Amazon or buying books cheaper online! Then in grad school, I wised up and started buying books used on Amazon or at Half Price Books. If only I had known about renting them as well!

Here’s a quick cost comparison:

This textbook, How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education, is listed at $143. Of course, if you look online you can find it for less. It sells for $38.56 on Amazon. Then take the savings one step further — You can rent it from CBR for only $22.67! For a book you will only use for one semester, this is a great way to save! It’s always worth looking several places for your textbooks in order to get the most savings! To ensure you get the best price, you should always do your own research and price comparisons.

Here are a few more perks of renting textbooks…

  • As I already stated, in many cases, CBR will save you 40-90% off of bookstore prices!
  • Free shipping both ways. A lot of companies get you on the shipping, so it’s nice that they cover this.
  • You can highlight in the textbooks. I am a big highlighter and note-taker, so this is a biggie for me!
  • Their renting periods are flexible, which is wonderful if your school doesn’t follow the average school calendar or if you need the book for a bit longer.
  • You aren’t stuck with one more heavy textbook on your book shelf.
  • Plus they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.

For more on how renting textbooks works, check out this quick video.

Have any of you tried renting your textbooks?

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