Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper Review

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Continuing on with our cloth diaper reviews, I wanted to introduce to you one of my new favorites – Charlie Banana!

For those of you already in the cloth diapering world, the best comparison for this diaper is FuzziBunz. The two are very similar! For those of you wanting to break into cloth diapering, a review for FuzziBunz is still on my to do list, so hang tight!

We bought three Charlie Banana diapers when they were on sale at Target earlier in the summer. I have a few months’ experience with these diapers now, so here’s what I can tell you…

There’s a lot I love about this diaper, so let’s start there…

  • The fleece interior is so soft!
  • CB’s are trim.
  • They come is vibrant colors, which I love! You can also get them with cute designs or sayings on the tush.
  • These diapers are one size diapers, meaning they can fit your child from newborn to 3 years. This is a major perk in my opinion. I like the idea of having one set of diapers period. This is great for one kid, not having to buy more as they get older.
  • Many diapers have several rows of snaps to adjust the size, as your child increases in weight. CB’s don’t use snaps to adjust for size (though they do for closure – that’s different), but instead they have adjustable elastic on the inner thigh, which is adjusted in a way similar to a bra strap. All this to say, the adjustments are made to the elastic, rather than with snaps on the diaper. This creates a cleaner look and trimmer feel.
  • This adjustment method also offers a custom fit. With elastic that you button or covers that snap, the adjustment is dependent upon the spacing of snaps and buttons. CB’s adjuster slides along the elastic, so you can adjust as much or as little as needed. We have been in that awkward in between stage before and had leaks, so a custom fit is appreciated!
  • As vain as it might sound, I love the cute blue tags on these. They have a Tori Burch look to them. I know it sounds shallow. I really find that I love the look of these diapers more than others, and I think that’s why. They are priced similarly (slightly higher, but not much!) to other cloth diaper brands, so if style appeals to you, go for it!
  • Another perk some of you may like is that Charlie Bananas are hybrid diapers, meaning you can use a disposable insert if you would like. This may appeal to those eco-conscious mommas who don’t want to deal with poop. Honestly I’m not sure how this works since we use cloth inserts, but check it out!
  • Did I mention they’re CUTE?

What I don’t love…

  • Though adjusting these diapers seems easy, the metal adjuster (similar to a bra strap, actually) seems like it will become weak over time. It’s very thin. Mine has not rusted yet, but it is worn looking.
  • Aside from the material the adjuster is made from, I actually don’t think this method of adjustment is easier than snaps. I prefer the snap method, or even FuzziBunz’s button elastic method. Thankfully though, you adjust the diapers so infrequently (As often as you change from size 1 to size 2 to size 3, etc in disposables) that this really isn’t a huge issue. Clearly it’s not a deal breaker for me.

There you have it! There’s a lot to love about Charlie Bananas! If you are looking to buy these, Amazon has a value pack of 6 for $109.99, making them $18.33 each. Check it out here: Charlie Banana 6 Reusable Diapers 12 Inserts Set Tutti Frutti, One Size. Or order them individually for $21.88 from Target and did sell these are one time, but the store clearanced them out and it appears online may have done the same. Darn! I guess Target couldn’t break into the cloth diaper business.

If you’re a FuzziBunz momma and want to know more about how this diaper compares, check out Styleberry’s comparison.

Do any of y’all use Charlie Banana? What’s your opinion of this diaper?

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my insights on this cloth diaper brand!

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  1. Charlie Bananas are back at Target, at least in my local stores! 🙂 The have the one size, trainers, swim diapers & newborn size diaper kits!

  2. I’m glad to hear the good reviews. My son is due in April of 2013 and I bought the white one sized Charlie Banana diapers. I got the liners too thinking they were disposable inserts, but I’m gonna get some of those too. Target does sell them again, that’s where I got mine. Do you have to wash the reusable inserts after every mess? The liners catch poop but when there is just pee can you rinse the cloth insert and use it again? I don’t see how 12 inserts is enough without washing them all atleast once a day. I was given what seems like a lot of newborn disposable diapers so I might use those at first, I’m curious to see how the cloth diapers work cause I don’t wanna spend the money one disposable ones, plus I’d feel better about not creating so much waste.

    • Hey Rachel! You do have to wash them because the liner goes inside the diaper. The liner and diaper are soaked after a pee. We used gDiapers for a bit when my daughter was really little, and those are modeled differently, allowing you to just take the cloth insert out and put a new one in, but still reuse the plastic liner and diaper cover. Still, I only liked those for size small because then they started leaking, for us. See more here –
      And to answer your question about having 12 diapers – actually if you read my other posts, I recommend having 20ish cloth diapers. Once babies are out of the newborn stage, I found we went through 8ish cloth diapers every 24 hours. So 20 got us through 2-1/2 days.

      • Wow thanks for replying so quickly! I didn’t realize that I’d have to use a new cloth diaper each time too. Idk why I was under the impression that I’d be able to reuse the diaper itself too. This is gonna be a nightmare either way I guess. I haven’t even had him and I’m already ready for him to be potty trained. Well I have 6 Charlie Banana ones so far, I’ll just start building my seems expensive upfront but it saves in the end huh.

        • Oh girl don’t be intimidated! It’s so not hard or overwhelming once you get the ball rolling. Not a nightmare at all. We love cloth! It just takes a little bit to learn the ropes, as with anything. 🙂

        • I was thinking the same thing! Like…what’s the point of the resuable-ness if you actually have to wash it every time. Yeesh. I guess I need to alter my expectations a bit.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m still debating on whether or not to try cloth diapers. (My son is also due in April!) My mom, who is a disposable advocate, is worried about leaking and blowouts with cloth diapers. How well do these hold up? It would seem that these are much more expensive if you only utilize the disposable inserts, too. If you only use the washable inserts, do you need to use a disposable liner, too? It seems complicated, but I guess it would for any first time mom!

    • I’ve found that I had less/no blow outs in cloth but tons in disposables. Go back and read some of my first few posts on cloth diapers that aren’t reviews. Everyone’s experience is different, but that has been mine.
      Also I’m not sure what you mean about disposable inserts. I use purely cloth diapers, not hybrid which have cloth/disposable combo. The hybrids would be just as costly. But the cloth save us a ton! We love them for that reason.

  4. I was intimidated by the extra laundry and all the choices with cloth diapers, but a lot of websites have bundle packs that allow you to try out different types and brands to see what works best for your family. We love hybrids, and didn’t care for pockets, but now, I use my pockets just like hybrids (remember that you don’t want microfiber to touch baby’s skin). We just lay a prefold or a skin-safe insert like gDiapers or flip on top of the fleece. We also use the flushable liners, which are kind of like soft dryer sheets that you lay on top of the cloth, and make poo much easier to deal with. Our stash is ridiculous, because any CD mom will tell you that it can be addictive, but we usually wash twice a week and just rotate our diapers out. I do use the disposable inserts, but only if we’re going to be out for a while or if I know we’re going to be out around the times my LO normally poos (he’s relatively predictable).

    The laundry isn’t a big deal either, I find that, as much as I hate laundry in general, I LOVE diaper laundry…I somehow find it relaxing!

    If you’re overwhelmed by getting started with cloth, find a good support group (there are several on Facebook, and a lot of areas offer 101 classes). You’ll get the best advice and info from other CD moms.

    Good luck!

  5. vanessa kirby says:

    Target sells them online and in stores again.

  6. Jessica Haddican says:

    I absolutely LOVE my Charlie Bananas! My daughter just turned 8 weeks old and we solely cloth diaper. I have a few other diapers (bum genius, Trend Lab, Bumkins and Alva) and (for me) there is no comparison between these and the CBs. In my opinion, they are softer, have a nicer design and have a superior look overall. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they give you 2 inserts with every diaper. Not to mention that the inserts are rather thick and seem to be very absorbent. Before I had my daughter, I was convinced bum genius would be the brand for us. I did A LOT of research online, watched many youtube reviews and basically stalked the diaper websites scrutinizing every aspect of all the available brands. I would recommend (to anyone new to cloth diapering) to get a variety of diapers you are interested in and give them a try. What you think you may like now, will probably change when you’re actually using the diapers. What works well for one person doesn’t always work so well for someone else. But definitely throw a Charlie Banana in your rotation because it’s a fantastic diaper.

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