Simple Solution to a Crowded Table: A Wall-Mount Fruit Basket!

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We’ve struggled with table space for awhile now! It’s just so easy to walk from the garage and into our kitchen and leave a pile of things on the table. When it comes time for dinner, I’m clearing off the table and making room for the fam.

What really annoyed me though, more than my piles, was the fruit basket I left on the table. There just wasn’t room on the kitchen counters. So to the table it went. But the thing is – there was room there either! So I came up with a simple solution – a wall-mount fruit basket!

I found this basket at Hobby Lobby. It wasn’t “cheap.” It was actually $19, on sale! But it solved my space issue, which was making me crazy, so I decided it was the splurge!



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  1. That is cheap! I’ve been looking all over for something like this & everything I’ve found is super pricey ($50-100). We’ve got the perfect spot on our wall & I’d love to get these off my counter. I’ll have to look around Hobby Lobby (and bring a coupon, just in case). 😉

  2. christine says:

    Where can I find something like this wall mounted basket.
    Please let me know
    Thank you.

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