Packing A Suitcase For The Whole Family!

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A couple of years ago a missionary friend introduced me to a new way of packing. I figured she knew what she was doing, since she often packs to travel from country to country for her entire family for extended periods of time. I tried her method once, and I fell in love! It just made our packing and unpacking so easy! And very few wrinkles, if any.

I used to roll every item of clothing I packed. While this did keep wrinkles to a minimum and allowed me to fit a lot in our suitcase, I also found that it was difficult to find specific items I was looking for in my suitcase. However, in this new system, each member of the family simply stacks their clothes in a pile, keeping each family member’s items together and wrinkle-free.

When packing, begin with the largest item (longest sleeves typically) on bottom.

Then stack clothing flat, one item on top of another. Here’s Lilleigh’s stack.

My stack. Since my pants are bigger than Lilleigh’s, I could not really lay them out flat, the way I could in her stack. So in my stack, the pants are folded and added to the top.

When you are finished, wrap the items together. This is why it’s important that the largest item (longest sleeves really and/or bottom hem) is on bottom. Wrap the sleeves on bottom around the entire stack so that the stack of clothes are easily grouped together.

Fold in half and place in your suitcase.

Each member of the family (or as many as will fit) will have a place in the suitcase. And here’s the great part – When you get to your destination, you can easily grab each stack of clothes and hand it to the family member they belong to. Unpacking is a breeze! And because everything was stacked flat, your clothes are wrinkle-free!

What packing tips do you have?

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  1. Great tip! I’ll be remembering this next time we go on a trip!
    Melanie recently posted.."Straight"..and some recipesMy Profile

  2. My Grandma taught me to roll clothes……no wrinkles! 🙂
    Debra @ A Frugal Friend recently posted..HURRY: Free Pizza Hut Slider (No Purchase Necessary)My Profile

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