Sun Babies: A Cheaper Cloth Diaper Option

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The last diaper on my list for review is the Sun Baby one-size cloth diaper.

As with most other diapers that I have reviewed, the Sun Baby is a one-size diaper, meaning that its snap rise will adjust to fit a baby 7-35 lbs, newborn to toddler.

This diaper comes in a variety of patterns and colors. It also now comes in two different “sizes” or cuts/shapes. Don’t let the fact that they are called “sizes” on the website confuse you. This IS a one-size diaper, but the two sizes simply refers to different cuts made for different baby shapes – the small/skinny and the big/chunky.

As you can see in this diagram, this diaper has hip snaps, allowing for a better fit. After using many cloth diapers, I can assure you that this feature is a must!

Now I’ll break it down for you…

The Strengths:

  • Sun Baby is a one-size diaper, allowing you to use it from birth to potty training.
  • They now offer two custom fits – small/slim and big/chunky.
  • Snaps are easy to use and don’t wear as easily as the velcro that comes on other diapers.
  • The pocket allows you to add more inserts to your diaper for extra absorbency.
  • The colorful prints and colors are cute!
  • The microfleece interior is soft on the inside.
  • There is now an option to buy more absorbent inserts with your diaper.
  • These diapers are just $5 each!

The Weaknesses:

  • When I bought this diaper, I only bought one insert per diaper. That wasn’t enough for my baby, so for awhile we had leaking issues. Eventually though I began double stuffing them with a gdiaper insert, which is fleece on one side and hemp on the other, and that solved our leaking issues!
  • Also they are made in China, which I know does not have the same quality standards that we have. BUT they are made with fair labor practices, as described here.

Originally I went in on a 12-pack of diapers with two other mom friends, so we have four in our stash. My thoughts are this: If you have a heavy-wetter, these may not hold up, but with regular changes, these would still make awesome around the house diapers. Once I figured out adding an additional fleece/hemp insert, these were great. And now there is an option to buy those additional, more absorbent inserts on their website. I would definitely recommend these to friends!

This review was written free of charge.

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  1. I have 4 Sun Babies that I got at a consignment sale to use for Andy. I really like them.
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