The Blueberry Cloth Diaper

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Another cloth diaper that we have come to love is the Blueberry one-size deluxe with snaps!

The Blueberry on-size diaper fits babies from 10-35 lbs, which means you should have the ability to use this diaper the entire time your child is in diapers! I will say though that it seems to be on the bulkier end of cloth diapers, in my opinion. For those of you familiar with cloth diapers, I consider it to be just a teeny bit bigger than BumGenius. Additionally, it’s cut is very similar to BumGenius. We got this diaper when Lilleigh was around one, so I never used it on her as an infant but really as a toddler.¬†Since our BumGeniuses have worn out on us, I love the Blueberries even more because they are great quality and a very similar fit to a diaper we once loved! As an infant, I am guessing the Blueberry wouldn’t give a great fit until the baby was just a little bigger, probably closer to 15 lbs, and even then it would be bulky – but let’s be honest, cloth diapers are just bulky! All bulkiness aside, we really love this diaper. On my toddler, this diaper fit perfectly!¬†

Please note that if you have small babies or plan to start using cloth from birth, Blueberry does have a “mini” line designed for just this reason! I have not used them, but I encourage you to!

So let me get to why we love Blueberries! The fact that they are a bit wider made them beyond perfect for nighttime! Each diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. The large insert is actually doubled over, which already adds extra absorbency. And as with any pocket diaper, you can actually add additional inserts, if needed, for even more absorbency, like say at night! We actually used these both during the day and night, but since they worked so well at night, I sometimes found myself trying to save them just for night use!

Additionally, the inside of the diaper is lined in fleece, rather than microfiber like some diapers. The fleece is soft against the baby’s skin, which I love!

You may have caught on by now that all of our diapers, with only a few exceptions, are one-size. We love the one-size feature because it means that even as my baby grows, I never had to buy more diapers! The one-size is the same feature that makes most every diaper a bit bulky for a small baby, but to me, that was just worth it and no big deal.

Blueberry diapers also come in many fun prints. We have the blue shown above and the cow print, but they also come in many great zoo animal prints!

This is actually a more expensive diaper, costing around $23.95 even on Amazon. However, I bought a deal from, thanks to a Plum District deal for {not available at the moment, but worth signing up for the future since it does show up from time to time} for $20 for a $40 voucher. I was able to buy two diapers for just over $28, and since friends bought the deal through me, I actually was refunded that initial $20 that I spent and purchased these for less than $10 together! So it IS possible to get great deals on cloth!

Again I’d say this diapers weakness, the bulkiness, is also it’s strength. We absolutely love the Blueberry diapers and would gladly recommend them to friends!

I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. We just love this diaper!

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  1. Blueberry is my FAVORITE brand!!! I just bought a new cover. Excellent quality. Love them, did I say that?
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