The Cloth Diapering Essentials

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I absolutely love that there are so many of you out there who do cloth diaper or are interested in cloth diapering! Y’all send me lots of questions about it too, which I also love. I try to answer as many as I can here on the blog. So today, I’m answering the most common questions I have received lately — “I am interested in cloth diapering. What all do I need to start up? How many diapers? What brand?”

I have reviewed LOTS of different brands of cloth diapers, and almost all without any compensation. They are 100% my own opinion. Lot of honesty! Check them out here.

Now, if I had to start all over again, here’s what I would buy – 16 FuzziBunz Elite, 4 Blueberry (just love these for nap/night), and perhaps a few of different brands, like Go Green Champ 2.0. Or even SunBaby, if money were an issue. I recommend having anywhere from 20-24 diapers per child, but I know people who use less. It just depends on if you use disposables at all (we use minimal), how often you change diapers, and how often you want to do laundry. We used to have around 22, which allowed me to do laundry every 2.5 or 3 days.

Aside from the diapers, here’s what I recommend for the first 6 months…

  • Cloth diaper safe detergent, which IS pricier than normal detergent, but I still think it’s cost-effective. Since I wrote the money-saving post, I have actually switched to Rockin Green detergent. I haven’t been using it long enough to really give my thoughts but just thought I’d mention that.
  • Also I’d recommend a diaper pail. We use an 11-gal trash can with a step pedal from Container Store. The step pedal is key.
  • For the pail, I have 2 large wet bag pail liners. I prefer the Blueberry brand pail liner because the liner is elastic with a draw string and has held up. My Kissaluvs brand did not hold up. Why have 2? When I do cloth diaper laundry, I always throw the bag into the wash as well. The second one allows me to still have a wet bag in the pail, ready to go, while laundry is going. The second liner has made a big difference for us.
  • And if you go out at all with cloth, definitely get a travel size wet bag, though a plastic Kroger bag would totally work till you got one. Amazon has a great deal on a 2-pack of Kushies.

And beyond 6 months…

  • If you go with FuzziBunz, the Elite has new liners that are minky, which is more absorbent. I have not used them yet, but I am glad to hear they are more absorbent the old microfiber. So going by my experience with microfiber, we needed lots of bamboo doublers! At first it was just for nap and night, but then we eventually needed them when we went out too. We bought size small gDiaper inserts that are fleece and bamboo lined from BabiesRUs with gift cards, which was a great option. You can also get them on Amazon. Eventually though we actually had to step it up to even bamboo pre-folds at night.
  • Also invest in a diaper sprayer once your child is eating solids. (We bought this one for around $40. Right now the price seems a little insane, so I would wait till it drops back to $40ish again or research other brands.) The sprayer attaches to the toilet and is totally necessary. You can also use rice paper liners to contain the poop,  which you would then just drop in the toilet – IF you have a newer home. We can’t use this option because our pipes are too old, which is a bummer because the liners make the poop a lot easier. But still, it’s not a huge deal. Dealing with poop is part of being a mom!

A bonus option: Cloth wipes and homemade solution, from my experience, have been way easier if you are doing cloth diapers because otherwise you are separating dirty poopy wipes, which can’t go in the toilet, and trying to put them in the trash (yuck if there’s not lid) and then put the diaper in the cloth diaper bin… see what I mean? I just put the wipe and the diaper in the diaper bin. Done. You can make your own wipes with a flannel blanket or buy some like these.

These are my essentials! Though there are ways around a few of these, having these items has made my life SO MUCH EASIER. If you are a cloth diapering momma, what do you recommend?

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  1. Jessica Grimes says:

    We love the Flip Organic Inserts. That is basically what we stuff all our pocket diapers with ( we use BG 4.0 pocket diapers cause we need that tummy panel- tried sunbabys and they didnt fit us right) – holds up 12+ hours for overnight like a dream! Plus- since they are natural fibers- the wash up really easy and can take a beating. Ive never had to strip anything and Ive never had any stink issues ( barnyard or otherwise). Now… I am also a bit unconventional due to the fact that I use regular tide powder on my diapers + a good splash of bleach w each and every load.

    I also concur on 2 wetbags that we line a flip top 13 gal white plastic trash can with. So easy! ( we have 2 planetwise and so far so good!

    And YES to the diaper sprayer! Love that thing! I also used it before solids cause even though BF poop is water soluble I still wanted to wash it off. Just my issue. A almost 2 y/o – Jacks poop is most always plop-able so I really hardly use it anymore. Buts its still connected just in case!

    For days we use flip covers and a good organic cotton prefold- I call those prefolds easy stash doublers- cause they are SO cheap and will last FOREVER! I use the Imagine smart fit prefolds and just trifold them into a flip cover. Good to go for day time and hold a TON!

    I never had much luck w microfiber- maybe due to the fact that Jack is a tummy sleeper and heavy wetter? Had lots of compression leaks. But not w the flip organic inserts or prefolds and a good cover! Perfection for us!

  2. If I could do it all over, I would buy all Kissaluvs fitteds and Blueberry covers. 🙂 With a few wool covers thrown in there.
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