The Mutiny: Clothes to Possessions

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If you are confused about this “mutiny” or want to know more about 7, check out this post.

This past week I chose 7 items of clothing to wear and limited myself to those 7. For an entire week. In a way, it was totally freeing to be able to get up each day and know exactly what I was going to wear, but certainly by the end of the week, I was ready for options again. I was totally over the mesh shorts and tank look. My one dress had stains on it. And my red linen capris and navy tank had pretty much become my go to outfit and really needed a good wash, not to mention just a little rest from being worn almost daily.

On top of that, in book club we were challenged to go home and guess the amount of clothes in our closet and to then go through and count the clothes. Well, here’s my closet.


I posted this photo on Facebook last week and asked how many items you thought I had hanging in there. I had numbers ranging from 43 to 120. My guess was 230. Maybe I just know I manage to cram more in there than one may guess is possible. Either way, the real number? 256. Just hanging in my closet. This doesn’t count items folded on shelves in my drawers.

Y’all know I love my deals. Admittedly, not everything in my closet was an awesome deal, but let’s just say most of it was and that things average to around $20 per item. That would be more than $5000 of clothes in my closet! $5000! When you put that in perspective of how much money people around the world make, this is just absurd.

I learned a few things this week…

  1. I don’t need as many clothes as I think I do. Not only do I not need them, but I don’t wear them all. I’m embarrassed even thinking about what it would look like if I were to move all of the clothes I actually wore in a month period – or even an entire year – to a different area or closet and see how much was leftover after that. I think I would have a lot to give away!
  2. That said, I certainly developed a new appreciation for all that I do have. It’s easy to think “I don’t have anything to wear” but when you’ve been in the same clothes for a week, I guarantee you’ll take that statement back. I have a plethora of clothes to wear! I feel like the options are endless! (Keep in mind also, I can maybe wear a tenth of these items now since I’m 37 weeks pregnant.) I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but I was certainly grateful at the end of the week to have clean clothes to choose from and lots of options.
  3. Lastly, as demonstrated with number of items in my closet, I definitely have a lot I could give away. Our monthly budget doesn’t allow much in the way of clothes. $30, actually. I don’t say that pridefully either. I am a stay at home mom, and my husband gets to wear jeans and collared shirts to work. Cut yourself some slack if your mouth dropped open. Plus, somehow with a toddler there’s little time to shop, which is actually pretty great. I can say that we have way more money currently in our money envelope than we need for clothes. I am thankful for that. Someone in book club asked, “Would God be pleased with the amount you spend on clothes each year?” I have found this a great question to reflect on. For me, since our monthly allotment is so low, I’m not even thinking about how much I spend each year, but I am thinking “how am I treating the things He has already given me?” i.e. All of these unworn clothes in my closet… It’s convicting to say the least.

That actually brings us to this week. Possessions. Each day I will be giving away at least 7 items. I’m not really sure who I am giving them to yet or what that looks like, but for now I’m putting 7 items per day in a give away box. This hasn’t been terribly hard for me thus far because I am constantly purging our house. Striving for simplicity is not a new concept for me. Money Saving Mom posted a 7 item/ day challenge a few months back for items to get rid of, and I’m still doing it. For many months now I’ve been finding many items daily that we don’t need and posting a lot of them on Facebook swap sites. This week is a little different in that the heart behind it isn’t making money off items we don’t need, but it’s about truly giving items away and helping out someone who really could use these items. Still, my prayer is that God wouldn’t let this week be a “break” for me, since I do this pretty much already, but that He would continue to use this as a way to stretch me and grow me, allowing me to serve the people whom He loves.

If you are following along, give away 7 possessions per day. Purge, purge!

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  1. Great insight into the clothes!! It is amazing how great your clothes look after limiting yourself for a time 😀 Have fun purging this week! Looking forward to next week and hearing how your week went!

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