Learning to Sell on eBay

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{For anyone popping in, I am on blog maternity leave! Between writing some posts while I was still pregnant and having awesome blogger friends to guest post, I hope you’ll be entertained while I tend to my little one! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what we are doing now.}

Hi! I’m Leigh Anne and I blog about life with my husband and puppy over at Simply Swarbrick!

I’m excited to be hanging out today talking about a fun way to make extra money while Ashleigh is soaking up moments with sweet Adeline!

Last summer I was looking to make a little extra money to pay for some new Vera Bradley bags I had my eye on. I had some old Vera pieces that I didn’t have a need for anymore so I turned to eBay to sell them.

eBay is pretty user friendly. Once you set up an account (for free) it walks you through setting up your first item to sell. After listing all the information about your item including condition, descriptions and pictures (they now let you add up to 12 pictures for free. The more, the better!) it takes you to the pricing and listing duration page. You can choose between 3 to 7 days and can also add a “Buy It Now” price on this page. eBay has also set up an option that lets you see what other people are selling their similar pieces for to help you gauge how to price your time. Then you’ll be sent to the shipping page where you can choose your own shipping price. Then you can reviewing your listing before submitting it!

I’ve only sold Vera Bradley items however, I sold several pieces and had a couple of different selling experiences. You really have to “play” around with timing and prices to see what works for those looking to buy. Sometimes I listed prices high, other times low. However, I’d suggest not listing an item at a price you wouldn’t be okay selling it for in case the bidding doesn’t go up.

The first time I listed items I sold half of them. I set the prices close to what I wanted them to sell for as well as a “buy it now” price. One item sold for the “buy it now” price (higher than the bid price). The others sold and had a few bids that increased the price.
The second time I did a 3 day bid window and none sold. I also had the prices set higher.
The third time I did a 5 day window ending on a weekend night. I set the prices lower and hoped that bidding would increase. I ended the prices in .99 for all three items. This time the bidding went up during the last 10 minutes of the 5 days and since I had a lot of “watchers” for the items I think this helped. One bag went from $19.99 to $48 with bidding!
I set up a separate twitter to tweet links to my items (didn’t want to overwhelm my friends!) and used hash tags that related to the item (ex: #ebay and #verabradley) plus current events going on to draw more attention.

When your items sell you have to wait for the payment to come in via PayPal before shipping it off!

The whole process is pretty easy, requires little time and the pay out is super fun! I was able to buy several brand-new Vera Bradley pieces along with totes from 31 Things for the upcoming school year. Take a look around your house and see if you have any name brand items that you no longer need. These items may just be waiting to help you bring in some extra cash!

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  1. Great information here Leigh!

    I started selling on eBay earlier this year and I’ve become addicted! I have been able to sell a lot of my old junk and turn it into some good cash. I’ve also been able to vacation on saved up money from my eBay sales to go on a short vacation! I love how easy it is to make money on eBay!

    Awesome post!
    Adley recently posted..How to Write a Quick eBay Listing Description to List Items FasterMy Profile

  2. Love this Leigh Ann. Great tips! I am also pretty addicted to ebay selling 😉 I LOVE using the ebay app for quick access to posting! I also enjoy selling my Vera…goes like hot cakes! 😉
    Cait recently posted..things that make you a good momMy Profile

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