Dallas on Ice #Icemageddon2013

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We’ve been pinned up in our house for a couple of days now with a couple of power outages. The ice is beautiful but dangerous. We’ve had a lot of indoor playing time! I’m bordering on excitement to have a weekend completely at home and cabin fever.

I am trying to come up with some fun ideas for playing at home this weekend. So far my child thought sledding down our driveway on a box was less than entertaining. {What the what? Who is this child?} Got any fun ideas for indoor play? Help a momma out here!

If there’s a shortage of posts in the next few days, it’s due to power outages and lots of sweet time spent with my loves. Stay warm and safe this weekend!

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  1. good luck! have you tried a Veggietales marathon with homemade popcorn under a blanket fort? makes a mess but keeps up entertained and makes fabulous memories ;)

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