Happy New Year and Goals

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Happy New Year! Time off, hanging out at home with my sweet little family and out of town guests, really blessed me. I hope that you feel equally as nourished by this holiday season. Here’s a photo of my crew from Christmas.

With the New Year, I’ve taken some time to write in our Book of Remembrances (which I really need to share about with y’all… soon!) and to set some goals for 2014. I don’t really consider myself a New Years resolution type person. By that, I mean I am not about to go buy a gym membership at the start of the year with high hopes of having a new work out routine, without carefully sitting down to evaluate my life first. So today has been a day of reflection. What do I need to improve in 2014? Are there habits I need to ditch? New ones I need form? Here’s what I came up with…

I’m a visual person, so I mapped it. My word for 2014 is: Intentional. I like to think that I am a pretty intentional person anyway, but I’ve found that with my time I am not always as intentional as I want to be. Almost all of these in some way have to do with time.


  • Have weekly at home date nights with my husband. Sure, we go out some also, but since that isn’t weekly, we plan to have a standing date on the couch watching a movie or getting take out once the girls are in bed.
  • Pursue my husband.
  • PLAY with my girls. There’s a big difference between spending time and playing. I want to play.
  • Plan ahead each week for School Mom activities with Lilleigh. I do this pretty consistently already, but let’s keep it up!
  • Put away the phone! Seriously.


  • Daily quiet times. This is pretty consistent for me as well, but again, let’s keep it up!
  • Journaling at least 2-3x per week.
  • Memorize 25 new Scripture verses. No excuses.


  • Pray for them specifically.
  • Serve them – with a meal, a phone call, an encouraging note, etc.
  • Schedule play dates or lunch dates (grab a sitter). And on the same note, don’t over schedule. I have this tendency to over schedule us. And to be friends with the whole world. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this year I want to invest in my close friendships. Have lots of friends, yes. But invest in a close few.


  • Nutritionally, I haven’t been doing as well towards the end of the year as I was at the beginning. No huge slip ups, other than just laziness and letting more take out creep in. My goal is to eat less sugar and to eat foods whose ingredients I recognize and can pronounce.
  • Get back in the swing of my Pinterest exercises! I was pretty good about these until third trimester sometime. It’s time to get back in the routine. The beauty of these is being able to do them from home without taking time away from my girls.


  • Only blog as long as it’s fun. When it’s not, take a break.
  • Use screen time to write blog posts. No Facebook or mindless distractions. Set a timer.
  • Continually bring it to the Lord in prayer. The blog is second to God and family.


  • Go on more walks. Having such a young baby makes getting out for walks challenging (3 naps!), plus cold weather. But I so miss seeing neighbors’ faces. Get out!
  • Plan a street event.
  • Host two neighborhood play groups.


  • Serve. Continue serving with the moms of preschoolers ministry. And begin to help write curriculum for preschoolers.
  • Find community.

Are there any goals you’ve set for 2014? What’s one word to sum up your hopes for 2014?

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