What’s A Momma To Do Without Her Jewels?

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When Lilleigh was born we were gifted with a precious silver teething ring, which she loved! It felt cool to her gums. It rattled. And it was shiny. If you’re an infant, what’s not to love? Admittedly though, as a mom, I thought, “That is beautiful… perhaps a little too beautiful – and expensive – for something only being used by my baby!” Even though Lilleigh loved it (and I loved the look of it), having something so expensive in my baby’s care made me a little nervous taking it places! If something is that pretty and expensive, shouldn’t it be for Mom, not for baby?

Recently, at a local baby expo, I discovered a great compromise that I fell in love with! Meet Momma’s Jewels! Momma’s Jewels makes sterling silver teething jewelry that both Mom and Baby love.


After meeting Momma’s Jewels at the baby expo, they agreed to send me a one ring sterling silver necklace to review. This has been such a treat! For any new moms or moms-to-be out there, I will tell you something you may not yet know: You are very limited on jewelry once you have a baby! Babies love to pull on necklaces and earrings, which often times leaves Mom jewel-less! Recently I have been wearing silicone baby necklaces for little one to teeth on, and while those are fun, I have often times wanted to wear something just a little nicer! Momma’s Jewels has me covered!




I love the way this necklace looks on! It’s beautiful and looks like a piece of nice jewelry. But it serves the purpose of a teether (and toy!) for my child as well. And because I’m wearing it, it doesn’t get lost or dropped! The chain is also long enough that sweet Adeline can pull it to her mouth or to her side and I don’t feel like I am being yanked with the ring!


Momma’s Jewels sells necklaces with one, two, or three rings, as well as the option for a triangular single ring necklace. They also sell bracelets! These are great too because so many women love their bangles! Why not get one you and baby can enjoy? The bracelets come in one and two rings.

If you are like me and have small wrists, check out their two ring bracelet! Because of the two rings knotted together, the bracelet can fit smaller wrists. I love the look of bangles, but they always fall off my wrist. This one did not! It fit perfectly, which just tickled me!


Another great feature of Momma’s Jewels is that they allow for personalization! You can personalize the rings with your baby’s name, making these jewels great keepsakes.

Momma’s Jewels are perfect for Mother’s Day right around the corner (Hint, hint, guys!), as well as an upcoming baby shower or push present. Spoil a mom in your life!

Thanks, Momma’s Jewels, for sponsoring this post! I received a free necklace in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I got so excited when I saw this. what a great idea. I thought it would be a nice gift for mothers day from my grandson to his mommy. then I looked them up..$179.00.. seriously ????

    • They aren’t cheap, but their jewelry are sterling silver – great quality and safe for babies. (I wouldn’t want her chewing on a different metal.) I have really loves this necklace.

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