Second Time Around Mommy Must-Have’s

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It’s funny how with the second baby, I did a lot less prep. Sure, I had a lot of the gear I needed already, but there was also just less time to prepare since I was already chasing after a toddler. I did not have time to obsess over the things I desperately “needed” for this baby, the way I did with baby #1. (And you better believe, I had a well-researched registry of items for #1.) This round, I set up the crib, decorated her room weeks before the due date, got out hand me downs, and called it a day. And yet, I have still managed to find new (to me) items that are Mommy Must-Have’s! In my humble opinion.

Nose Frida. This came out right after I had Lilleigh. I heard about it but didn’t want to spend the money, so I stuck with the bulb. A friend bought this for us for baby #2, and I can’t imagine my life without it. When Adeline has been sick, the Nose Frida has come to the rescue! There hasn’t been crazy amounts of crying and pushing of the bulb away from her nose. The Nose Frida allows Mom to suck the snot out of her nose without a fuss. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Just trust me.


Kidco Go Pod. I keep this contraption in my car for play dates at friends’ houses, the play ground, dance class, etc. Being a second child, I felt like Adeline really didn’t get much chance to play with her toys. Early on (when she was still sleeping like a boss), she spent most of her waking hours being toted around in the sling. Not many great opportunities to stretch out and just play. The Go Pod is basically a portable exersaucer. It folds up like a camping chair and is easy to take on the go. It also keeps your child contained to one place if you need to have your eyes – or hands – on an older child. If I had known about it with baby #1, I totally would have registered for it, but now I can see that it is definitely most useful for subsequent babies. Just helps you to wrangle them a little better.


A Baby Carrier. I carry Adeline in a sling everywhere! I started with the Ergo, and I do love it. (I know Adeline looks like she just LOVES it in the photo! Ha.) But my currently love is the Maya Wrap Sling. It’s an adjustable wring sling with light weight fabric and a pocket. A friend is letting me borrow hers, and the fit is so comfortable. Light padding on the shoulder and wide fabric on my back adds support. I put Adeline in it facing out and facing towards me. She’s actually slept in it before too, and I have just draped the extra fabric over her. This sling works for me, but I know there are so many awesome baby carriers to choose from. I don’t think it’s one size fits all. I just love being able to wear her. So find a great carrier for you!


Chewbeads, or Momma’s Jewels. I love teething jewelry! Now that I have seen the beauty of cute and trendy jewelery that a baby can chew on, I wear it daily! I have 3 colors of silicone chew necklaces and 1 Momma’s Jewels sterling silver necklace. I rotate between them. LOVE them. FYI often has great deals on silicone teething necklaces!

Photo May 25, 10 46 58 AM

Tiny Love Arch. I’ve shared how Adeline HATED her car seat for the first 6 months of her life. That pretty much changed when she was gifted with the Tiny Love Arch for Christmas. Life changing. I can’t remember the last time I heard her cry in the car. She loves the arch. It calms and distracts her. Bold colors and tactile toys make this perfect for babies. It has been on her (convertible) car seat since Christmas, and she has yet to be bored with it. Definitely a win. It’s not a perfect fit on our Evenflo Symphony, but I don’t care. It has still been life changing for any amount of time in the car.


Thirsties. I’ve posted about these awesome diapers here, so I won’t do another post. I am just so glad I finally tried prefolds and covers! They’re awesome. The perfect addition to my already hodgepodge stash.

Aden + Anais burpy bib. I found these on a local Facebook swap site for $1 each (!!!) and just had to snatch them up. Since then I have bought two more on the swap site for $5/pair. I love these things. Unfortunately they are normally pretty pricey, but now that I’ve used them, I am tempted to say splurging on a pair is worth it. In those early months, these are so nice to have for spit up. My first child was pretty average when it came to how much she spit up. My second child spit up much less. Even still, babies do spit up, and you don’t know when it is going to happen. The light fabric and contoured shape of these burpies made them easy to fit on my shoulder. And the contour shape kept them from falling off when I would lean over to pick up or set down the baby. (Most burp cloths fall right in the baby’s face!) I also love how these burpies can become bibs with a snap. I just kept it in my diaper bag and used them interchangeably.

Bravado nursing bra. Last but not a least, an awesome nursing bra! Last time I thought I liked my nursing bra. But a friend told me about this one, and since I needed another, I splurged. (Not crazy bucks for a bra I guess, but a nursing bra is so not a fun thing to spend money on!) This was totally worth the money. Somehow I now have two. (I don’t remember buying two, but I’ll blame it on all those nights I spent nursing in the wee morning hours perusing mom blogs, Facebook, and Amazon… It’s really hard to say what happened in the midst of that fog.) This is the most comfortable bra I have ever owned. No under wire yet plenty of support. Shaped and padded for leaks but not for a boost or size. (More size is the last thing a nursing mom wants!) If you’re nursing, get yourself one!

Photo May 30, 1 12 55 PM (1)

Dohm sound conditioner. We now own three of these! (Totally worth it.) I bought one for Adeline, since her room shares a wall with the living room. I worried about her waking up. (Don’t wake a sleeping baby.) But then Lilleigh wanted one for her room also. And then my husband got sick, so I slept with Lilleigh for 2-1/2 weeks while he got well! Needless to say, now I am hooked on the sound conditioner. It’s amazing! Better than white noise. Serious sleep!

What’s your favorite mommy must-have?

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  1. I have a nursing bra just like the bravado, but I found it at Target. It looks just like what is pictured, but maybe it is a little different since the bravado is much more expensive. Anyway, it is my FAVORITE bra by far. So comfy, and, like you said, lots of support.

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