About Me

Hi, I’m Ashleigh! My husband and I have been married four years and had our first child in February 2011. I do stay home with our baby, making saving money essential. Still when I began this blog a couple years ago, it was purely because of my naturally frugal mindset! For most of my life, I have constantly been coming up with ways to save money. So finally, a couple friends approached me and told me I should share my thrifty tips with the world, hence this blog!

I started my frugal ventures for three reasons: 1. I tend to have a thrifty mindset. It comes naturally to me. Truthfully, I don’t know how not to be thrifty. 2. I believe that the Bible instructs us to be wise when dealing with money. I long to be a good steward of the money God has given me. I definitely have not aced this concept, but I’ll share what I have learned. 3. Who can’t use thrifty ideas in this economy? When I began this blog, I was a student, so we were living solely off of my husband’s nonprofit income. And now, well, with me staying home, three of us live off that. Thrifty is in!

Lastly, your ideas, input, and feedback make me happy, and I would love to hear them! Whether it’s constructive criticism, a question, a post idea, a good project you’d like to share, or deals and coupons you know about, I would love to share them with others. So please email me: ThankfullyThrifty at gmail dot com. Comments are welcome too!

PR is welcome. See my disclosure policy.

Thanks, y’all!


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