5 Things You Won’t Find in My Pantry (To Save Money!)

{For anyone popping in, I am on blog maternity leave! Between writing some posts while I was still pregnant and having awesome blogger friends to guest post, I hope you’ll be entertained while I tend to my little one! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what we are doing now.} Hello, […]

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The 7 Mutiny: From Possession to Media to Waste and Spending

items for yard sale

Wow I have a lot to cover here! But I’ll make it easy and say I didn’t do the best job on possessions and media. Let’s start with possessions. I did actually make a big box of things to donate. Did I count 7 things a day? No. I’ve sorta already been in the habit […]

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The Mutiny: Clothes to Possessions

If you are confused about this “mutiny” or want to know more about 7, check out this post. This past week I chose 7 items of clothing to wear and limited myself to those 7. For an entire week. In a way, it was totally freeing to be able to get up each day and […]

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Reuse Mylar Balloons!


Did you know you can reuse mylar balloons? You can! There is a flap in the bottom “tail” of the balloon. Stick a straw at least 1-2″ up into that flap and gently press air out of the balloon. The air will escape through the straw. You can then save the balloons for future events […]

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Loving My DIY Maternity Jeans!

DIY maternity jeans

I’m excited to share with you all one of the projects I worked on while on my blogging fast… Ta-duh! DIY maternity jeans! I had a pair of old Citizens for Humanity jeans that I once loved and fit great but never wore anymore. AND I was seriously needing another pair of maternity jeans, since […]

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Have A Monogrammed Hand Me Down? Cover It Up!

cover up a monogram

Remember how I said we have lots of hand me downs from my sister, a few of which have monograms on them? I found another clever and cute way to cover those monograms! (See first way here.) Recently a few neighborhood moms got together to make little girl hair bows. A friend taught us how […]

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