7 Kid-Friendly Ways to Keep Jesus in Easter

Easter mountain

This post does contain affiliate links. I’ve been surfing the web and Pinterest, trying to find some fun ideas for my family to keep with the spirit of Jesus this Easter! After all, Easter is the most important holiday for believers, even more than Christmas, in my opinion, so let’s not let Jesus get lost […]

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Making Your Own Toothpaste: The Clay Version

clay toothpaste

This post contains affiliate links. Our family has been using homemade toothpaste for awhile now. When we began, we started with a coconut oil based toothpaste. I really loved the taste of the coconut oil toothpaste. However, the fact that the consistency became less like a solid and more like a liquid in the heat […]

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The Princesses and Knights Party and the Cardboard Castle


This post does contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting! I am so excited to share with you guys about Lilleigh’s third birthday! I am really not a Pinterest-obsessed mom or anything like that. I use Pinterest for it’s good ideas, but I don’t obsess over them. That said, I’ll say again: I use Pinterest for […]

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DIY Drinkable Yogurts

drinkable yogurts

{For anyone popping in, I am on blog maternity leave! Between writing some posts while I was still pregnant and having awesome blogger friends to guest post, I hope you’ll be entertained while I tend to my little one! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what we are doing now.} We […]

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4th of July Window Art

4th of july toddler art

I spy some 4th of July window art! This was a quick and easy project with Crayola washable paints. Blue hand prints and a little toddler assistance making seven red stripes, and voila! Once it dried, I hung it in our front window! Happy {almost} 4th of July to each of ya!

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Calling All Girly Girls: The Painted Dress-Up Bin

diy dress-up bin

I am in full nesting mode here! Everything from the guest room/ nursery transformation to closets being emptied to our house being completely rearranged to finishing up those half-done projects laying around. My father-in-law had this awesome dress up bin made for Lilleigh’s Christmas gift this past year and left it unfinished for me to […]

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