The Scoop on Real Sugar

Photo May 16, 3 15 51 PM

I think it was in college that I made my first baby step on the journey to natural living. I made a conscious decision to switch from Diet Dr Pepper to Dr Pepper, in an effort to eliminate fake sugars from my diet. I missed the boat a little on that since Dr Pepper contains […]

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Tomatoes are taking over our garden – Video!

We made a video for Brendon’s grandparents to show them our garden. I had planned to edit this video to show y’all as well, just cropping the “hey Grandma and Papa” part, but since I don’t know how to do that, I’m just sharing with you the whole video. Sharing the grandparent love! For any […]

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Oh how our garden grows!


I am super excited at how well our garden is growing! Don’t these blueberries look amazing?   Our garden, which began mainly as starters, though we did plant a few seeds. The fencing around it is meant to keep out chickens and squirrels. So far, so good! Broccoli and peppers, though I am pretty sure […]

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Local Produce, Meats, etc delivered to my door! Greenling Review and #Giveaway!

Photo Feb 03, 10 59 34 AM

Our family strives to eat a good amount of raw and fresh organic food! When it’s local, that’s a plus! From fruits and veggies to meats to dairy to home-baked goods, we love it! We don’t have any food allergies, nor do we watch our carb or sodium intake. That’s because we believe there’s a […]

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Staying Well. Naturally.

I’ve mentioned that over the last week and a half, illnesses have struck our house! Baby Girl had a cold, which spread to me and then hubby. They are both still fighting the cough aspect. And then Baby Girl also got a virus – rash, fever – on top of her cold! Yuck! I’m thinking […]

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Look what we found!


Our first egg! Woohoo! If you missed something, we are raising chickens!

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